The influencer died during Neymar’s cruise trip

A true tragedy was one that was experienced neymar cruz, ok a Famous Brazilian influences was announced as dead He was then thrown from the highest floor of the boat.

According to many reports, YouTuber carlos alberto mota candrevaboarded a cruise MSC Preziosa, who hosted gave them alto march who offered a three day party Hosted by Footballer, which departed from the Brazilian port of Santos on 26 December.

What happened to the influential Carlos Candreva?

According to Brazilian newspaper Northeast Journalcontent creator he was traveling with his girlfriend Ideal Vittoria Barbara MomenseAnd after a strong discussion, the influential man jumped into the sea Floor number 15.

However, police immediately and emergency forces began searching for the man. they didn’t find his body so they declared it dead,

According to various sources, carlos candreva Then decided to jump off the cruise ship check his girlfriend’s phone And you will get many compromising messages with other men.

“When I was in the bathroom, Carlos took my cell phone. I didn’t even know I had the password. He saw my conversations with other men And sent screenshots to friends saying he was thinking about killing me. “He intended to kill me,” the model told the newspaper. metropoles,

Who was Carlos Candreva?

carlos candrevawho was 32 years old, was a very popular influential person among his superiors 18 thousand followers like on social networks Instagram Because of his poems and books with motivational phrases that he shared.

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