The Innkeeper wants you to forget about dungeon crawling for a while and create your dream inn in a fantasy kingdom this year – The Innkeeper

The control video game will be released on PC via Steam in early access and is being developed by the creators of the famous Game Dev Tycoon.

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Forget about going to the nearest dungeon to make a fortune. Tavern Keeper wants to show you that there are more ways to get rich in a fantasy world by putting you in charge of the inn of your dreams. new management video game which reveals its cards in the gameplay trailer accompanying the news.

Hoteliers from all over the world will have the opportunity to take charge of their own hospitality establishment, with the ability to control every detail or sit back and relax. live the way you want. Whatever you decide, you’ll find a wide range of options for building and decorating your hotel, hiring staff, stocking pantries, meeting clients, and more.

“Situated in a lush forest with giant trees, surrounded by green meadows and mountains in the fields of Haflington, Players can take a different route in Tavern Keeper.– You can open your taverns in unique locations, each with its own environment, people and history, and try to be the best in the city. Players can also take a break to focus on building the best tavern, as well as share their creations with the community.” —Steam

His previous game was a review success on Steam.

Behind the project is Greenheart Games, an Australian team with experience in game management after the excellent Game Dev Tycoon, a small surprise in the genre last year, which received over 40,000 positive reviews. As we already said, Tavern Keeper will begin to be released to the public this year. In particular, it will be released in Steam Early Access for PC on last quarter of the year. It is unknown whether it will be released later on consoles.

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