The interior of the new Mini Cooper S leaves us open-mouthed

Those who have always had to MINI Because one of its reference brands knows very well that the English manufacturer is very clear that the future is electric vehicles, so it is becoming increasingly popular, on the one hand, abandoning the internal combustion versions of some of its models, such as the case MINI Clubman and, on the other hand, launch more and more electric models.

Of course, realizing that, at least today in the vast majority of European markets, internal combustion models still provide the best sales figures, the brand decided to release an updated version of its famous model. MINI Cooper in two versions C and S.

An updated model that does nothing more than inherit the characteristic design language of the brand, adapting it to the new electric version, but with minor differences in which, yes, the essence remains the same, that is, a city car with a very own and recognizable design both on the outside. so is it inside.

The new MINI Cooper has a very attractive interior.

As we can see in the images, what attracts the most attention about this new model is, among other things, its interior design, although it is very similar to what we have already seen in the electric model, but the huge central round screen is what gets the most attention in this case , also because it is a very unusual type of screen in the automotive industry.

Regarding mechanics, this model will be produced in two versions, the so-called Version C which will have a 1.5 turbocharged petrol engine with 156 horsepower and version called S, in this case, the sportier 2.0 petrol engine is also turbocharged, but with a power of 204 horsepower. In both cases, yes, automatic transmission and front-wheel drive.

At the moment it is unknown when our market will appear and what prices it will have, but it is most likely that it will be next spring, when the English manufacturer will launch a new model that, although it will not have the continuity of the future that awaits electric models, will undoubtedly continue to bring a lot of joy to the brand.

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