The key to Luis Diaz’s future: a bomb in the transfer market

He Transfer market 2024 Things can get off to a pretty hectic start. After confirming the end of the contract Kylian Mbappe at PSG Several teams are starting their strategy to sign the French striker.

Having become a world champion and having withstood pressure from the management of the Parisian team at the end of the year, the winger managed to complete his contract and is now free to negotiate. Everything indicates that the main candidate for his services is Real Madrid, but the situation may change.

Clubs love Manchester City, United, Barcelona, ​​Liverpool and Milan. They may have had intentions of signing him. With this in mind, two of the aforementioned teams will play a fundamental role in the future of another international star, the Colombian national team.or Luis Diaz.

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With intention Barcelona With the signing of the Colombian, the Frenchman’s possible arrival at Anfield opens up new possibilities. A few months ago it turned out that Liverpool He could prevent Madrid from keeping their striker.

Therefore, the PSG star’s step towards Premier League This is not completely ruled out. Timing different players will help this transfer. Spain knows Mbappe is the star everyone wants, but if he can’t make it to the Bernabeu, Guajiro could be his replacement as the league’s star player.

In addition, the European is not indifferent to other proposals. In recent weeks, the likelihood Milan and Chelsea They are growing thanks to the economic revival of the owners of these clubs.

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News on the French striker’s future is expected to emerge in the coming weeks. His freedom allows him to negotiate with any team that moves in the summer.

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