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In the Champions League final there is no doubt that something is missing. Anyone who does not strive to equal the six European Cups of a legend like Gento (Kroos, Modric, Carvajal and Nacho) dreams of winning the first one and joining the ranks of footballers who are remembered. Anyone who does not strive to earn points in individual awards with a brilliant performance is eager to say goodbye to fame. If every player on the field visualizes a goal, then in the penalty area the desires are also strong.

In addition to prestige and a juicy economic slice for the teams (20 million more than was accumulated in previous rounds), both Watzke, Dortmund’s CEO, and Florentino PerezPresident of Real Madrid hide personal dreams. The first to win the trophy that touched him in 2013; the second is a victory over Santiago Bernabeu in European competition (seven against six), the leader who made the white club the best in the 20th century, and project of the last big coup: a photograph that will support his sports project and confirm the dominance of his contracts.

The image that Florentino strives for, and which is beginning to play out today at Wembley, is the image that Barça have been proud of for 24 years: full podium Golden Ball. On January 10, 2011, the Cajon was completely owned by Barça with Messi (winner), Iniesta (second) and Xavi (third). Despite the final controversy (there was criticism when the man from La Mancha, the scorer of the goal that brought Spain the World Cup, was left without a prize), this photo was a recognition of the power of Guardiola’s Barça. These three represented the style of football that brought the brothers together. Florentino longs for something like this. For professional reward and personal satisfaction. They appear in their sentences Vinicius (23 years old),Bellingham (20), Kroos (34) And Mbappe (25).

If there is one player who is playing against Dortmund to strengthen his Ballon d’Or candidacy, it is the Brazilian (he finished sixth in 2023). Vinicius, in his first season without Benzema and despite a false start after leaving the wing to play as a number 9, recovered to cap off one of his best years. Accounted for 23 goals and 11 assists., Vinny He had one of his best nights in Europe in the second leg against Bayern (he scored two goals in the first leg), led the team, completed his best day in dribbling and was voted Most Valuable Player. Another step forward in the Champions League final as a prelude to the Copa America will raise the mercury on this thermometer.

Ancelotti is the best salesman: “He can win, he’s very close.” If Madrid win the Desimoquinta and the Brazilian is decisive, all eyes will be on him. He looks to the side, to the side. Bellingham, namely: “I would give this to Jude.” The British, wincing, gave a solution: “We could split the Ballon d’Or in two because for me it is the best in the world; he creates magic out of nothing.“But no matter how hard he tried to play the game, the Englishman stormed into dominance with great force.

Winner of the last Copa Cup, which named him the best young player of 2023, his first year at Real Madrid has been a revelation. Despite some decline in recent months, no one disputes his influence, his importance in the game and 23 goals that he scored, some of them key, such as in the Clasicos against Barça. The 2023 Ballon d’Or was awarded early in Bellingham, but its impact on the gala was foreshadowing.. Winning the Champions League in white, the first of his career, will be a decisive boost.

election programs Vinicius and Bellingham are convinced that today, with the America’s Cup and EuroCup still to be played, they stand above the rest. If the predictions are correct, then the iconic photograph that Florentino dreams of will become possible. Who will choose the third box to finally open it? The most romantic possibility is to think about Kroos., who today completes ten years at Real Madrid, with a style that elevates football. The German’s return to the national team gives him a bonus track in his attempt to reach the podium. Although the prestigious trophy has changed its rules in an attempt to prioritize individual merit over collective merit, the truth is that the weight that the winners of major competitions carry continues to reign over those who do not achieve group success. For this reason, the European Cup and perhaps the European Cup would be the perfect finishing touch to his career and reward in France. “I sign a contract for Kroos to win the Champions League and the Ballon d’Or.” he changed his jacket Vinicius. This route seems difficult.

Florentino’s ace up his sleeve to capitalize on the next gala is Mbappé., future Real Madrid player. He’s probably third in contention with the numbers available. Although PSG’s season was once again overshadowed by the Champions League and the number 7 went unnoticed against Borussia Dortmund, his 44 goals still accurately underline his authority on the pitch. If Mbappe were to win the European Cup, he would not only be guaranteed a spot on the podium (he was third in 2023), but would also have the opportunity to win the France Football award. His merits would be shared with PSG, but in photoshoot It will already look white, which will further highlight the market strategy of Madrid and its president. If Mbappe doesn’t win the European Cup, his chances of being photographed with the golden ball are virtually negligible.

Everything will, of course, change if Ancelotti’s men don’t win the Champions League; The stage opens and each continental title takes on weight. The euro will be the most determining factor.

Who could break the board and momentarily bring down the hypothetical white podium? It’s not easy for Haaland. Norway will not be present in Germany, City lost in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, she was underweight against Real Madrid and injuries prevented her from performing at last year’s level. He can break into the top positions in the lethality classification (38 goals), but he does not look like a threat. The complete opposite of Phil Foden (23 years old).. If England is recognized as the European champion, then based on the voting results, the Manchester City footballer will be in the top 3. He was named Premier League Player of the Year and his stats back it up (27 goals and 12 assists). For his part, Kane (30 years old) without the Bundesliga or the Champions League would have only the national team pinning his hopes on him… There is no one else on the list.

But until the European Cup or the America’s Cup arrives, everything happens through Wembley. There, Real Madrid’s “Desimoquinta” is played out, and Florentino begins to see a photograph that symbolizes his latest coup in Europe.

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