‘The Last of Us’: Isabela Merced and Young Masino Announce Casting for Season 2

About the debut of the Season 2 tour Last of us, announcements have been made about new images that follow the adaptation of the video saga. After the character Abby will play Kaitlyn Devertwo other main characters of the game The Last of the USA, Part II ont trouvé leurs interprètes.

Ainsi, officially the characters Jesse and Dina are played respectively Young Mazino and etc. Isabella Merced. Jesse is described as a pillar of the community, a faithful passerby, passing by other people’s kisses, in the face of terrible sacrifices. Dina, quant à elle, est l’ex de Jesse et sera le nouvel loveinterest d’Ellie (Bella Ramsey) in season 2 Last of us. Freely admitting, Dina verra sa loyoute surrounds Ellie être mise à rough épreuve par le monde britial dans lequel elles vivirt.

Craig Mazin and etc. Neil Druckmannco-creators of the series, they are declared être ravis de les voir rejoindre la famille Last of us. Conservant Isabella Mercedils ajoutent: ” Dina is a blackmailer, brilliant, wild, funny, moralizing, dangerous, and has an immediate affection. You can always find an actress who easily embodies all these facets, and you can find Isabela Merced tout de suite. » À offer Young Mazinoit is stated: “Young people who are the rare actors who immediately become uncontroversial because of what they do. We like plenty of chances to stay in the know, and we hate that the public might be brilliant about a new series. »

Isabella Mercedthat I can see you in this place Student’s parents OU Rosalinedevrait occuper le devant de la scène dans les prochains mois puisqu’elle est également present at the casting Superman: Legacy, Alien: Romulus and etc. Madame Web. Young Mazinoquant à lui, est notamment connu pour avoir joué dans Beefseries that won a Golden Globe.

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