the latest dangerous TikTok trend, which the OCU warns about

Sun callus: the latest dangerous TikTok trend, which the OCU warns aboutOCU

social mediaAnd TIK Tak especially they have a significant impact on health, both positive and negative. Apart from the fact that it is a tool where you can find educational content, procedures and tips for living a healthy lifestyle, the truth is that it is also a showcase of practices and problems that do not bring any benefit to your health.

What is solar callus?

Sun callus consists, as described by experts from the Organization of Consumers and Users, commonly known as OCU, of: expose yourself Sun without protection and constantly so that your skin develops tolerance to the sun and ultraviolet radiation.

Those who practice this claim that one must burn deeply in order to the body resists solar radiation. They claim that once you get a sun callus, you are already protected from sunburn, you synthesize vitamin D better and improve the appearance of your skin. But is there evidence to support this theory? As OCU experts categorically note, no. There is no such thing as a sun callus skin cannot develop tolerance to sun or ultraviolet radiation. On the contrary, we know without a doubt that the sun ages the skin, causes wrinkles and spots, burns and increases the risk of skin cancer.

The sun is the main cause of skin cancer

According to OCU specialists, exposure to the sun, especially long-term throughout life, is first order risk factor in the development of skin cancer. And this risk increases if any of these circumstances occur:

⦁ If you are injured sunburn with blistersespecially in childhood.

⦁ If you are a user UVA cabin sunbathe.

⦁ If you have family history.

⦁ If you have previously had skin cancer or received any dermatological treatment such as radiation therapy, ionizing radiation for acne, or PUVA rays for psoriasis.

⦁ If you have a large number of molescommon, atypical or congenital.

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