The latest developments in the sector regarding telephony and applications

The world of technology is changing, so every day new developments are presented within the sector.

Here are the top tech news of the week.

The ‘new’ of the iPhone 14

Last week it was mentioned that the iPhone 14 is not new just because it has the ’14’ on the box but because it really has new aspects.

The new Apple devices get rid of the traditional notch and incorporate a ‘dynamic island’ that acts as a small menu.

Really, this ‘dynamic island’ thing is very attractive since it incorporates animations that complement the rest of the interface very well. Also, the ‘island’ frees up screen space.

The incorporation of the A16 Bionic chip is another aspect to highlight, since it gives both the 14 Pro and the Pro Max the highest available power and higher performance.

Microsoft issues a very important ‘warning’

Microsoft is seeing a dramatic increase in ransomware or ‘hijacking’ as a service.

In ransomware as a service, a kind of illicit association takes place, since the producer of a malicious software joins with ‘cyber thugs’ to attack vulnerable structures of any kind of organization, preferably financial or governmental.

Microsoft claims that the increase in this type of ransomware has drastically reduced the barriers to entry for digital crooks, by significantly lowering the level of knowledge that criminals need.

Microsoft invites you to take a look at the dark web, since the list of stolen digital credentials used by cyberthieves may be there.

The advice should be followed.

Fashion with CGI in New York

We hardly talk about fashion around here, but this is more than interesting. No, we’re not going to tell you about the insufferable Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) with her dedicated assistants Andrea Sachs (Anne Hathaway) and Emily Charlton (Emily Blunt) in The Devil Wears Prada (2006), but we are about a techno-dresser named Maisie Schloss .

With its Maisie Wilen brand, Schloss is revolutionizing fashion with a concept that mixes bold colors with computer-generated imagery (CGI) and is inspired by the new digital chroma key of cinema.

As part of New York Fashion Week, Schloss called a fashion show and delighted a group of Generation Z with a catwalk that mixed the aesthetics of the Euphoria series, the style of the 2000s and the culture of the Internet.

Schloss with Maisie Wilen are already being called trendsetters for the metaverse.

A naked Twitter

Twitter was left completely naked after the testimony of the former head of Security Peiter Zatko when he said that the network is incapable of protecting the data of its users.

Too many workers have access to that information and possible infiltration by foreign agents is not adequately tracked.

Before the United States Senate, Zatko said that “Twitter’s security flaws threaten national security, compromise the privacy and security of users and, at times, threaten the future of the company.”

He also said he repeatedly told management about cybersecurity issues, but the company “refused to make the necessary changes to create a more secure platform.”

According to this former Twitter employee, the company “does not know how much information it has, where it has it and where it comes from, so it cannot protect it.”

From Twitter they have already stated that Zatko’s revelations are part of a “false narrative” against the company and that they are riddled with “inconsistencies and inaccuracies.”

Who will be right?

The little blue bird keeps pecking at Elon Musk

The other open front of Twitter is the controversial purchase by Elon Musk, and the new chapter of this novel says that the board of directors of the social network approved the offer of 44,000 million dollars made by the tycoon.

In short, they are telling Musk to swipe the card through the dataphone and forget about legal trouble.

But Musk no longer wants to know anything about the deal, relying on the argument that the percentage of fake accounts or bots on the social network is higher than what was reported to him.

Twitter shares have been trading well below $54.20 since Musk tweeted in May that the purchase deal was “on hold.”

They will inevitably be seen in court. We will see the movie in two years. Who will play Elon Musk?

A 100% Peruvian search engine

The global north has led the way in terms of technological developments, but very interesting and advanced things are being done from the global south.

An example is Héctor Díaz, a 19-year-old Peruvian student who developed Konlap, a web search engine to find information in 109 languages.

For this creation, Microsoft awarded him $150,000 through its Microsoft For Startups division.

Also, after its launch, Konlap obtained funding from Emergent Ventures.

Díaz, a beneficiary of the National Scholarship and Educational Credit Program (Pronabec), said that “search engines are a key tool for people to access information not only in English, but also in other languages.”

The arrival of Tekken

The mind of the fanatic is like this: once a game gets into their head there is no one to take it out. This is the case of the Tekken saga, from Bandai Namco, which has already announced its eighth installment and will be on Xbox Game Pass.

According to SomosXbox.com, there is still no definite date for the landing of Tekken 8 on the Microsoft platform, but they are already waiting.

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