The latest WhatsApp ban that worries Mar Amate and makes her wary: “I don’t agree” – Good morning Javi and Mar!

“There is news at this time that is of great interest to Javi and I at this table.”. This phrase was pointed out to Mar Amate by her partner Javi Nieves, who seemed to be not on the same page with her: “Especially Mar, who uses… Say, say.”. What did they want to tell us in “Good morning, Javi and Mar!”? She spoke by giving a specific example from her personal life so that we can understand the drama.

“Well, of course, yes, of course, I’m very interested. In my circle of friends there are conversations going on, for example, someone met someone. The first thing we do is: “Friend, show me a photo.” Where are you going? To the WhatsApp profile of the person you like. you make one screenshot and send him an enlarged photo, to my friend to see what she thought. Well, we won’t be able to do that for a while. Because? Because WhatsApp has been developing an option to stop you from taking screenshots of someone’s profile photo for months now. This is a problem…” he explained.

“Oh my God… Well, for now, did not forbid taking photographs of conversations“were the encouraging words of Xavi, which not only did not produce such an effect, but led to the exact opposite: “Another one: WhatsApp, don’t do this to me.” In the audio, by clicking “play” at the top of this news, they can be heard joking with Ilia Toupouris and Mar’s “bodyguard” before Javi returned to the conversation: “So that’s the principle, yeah.” “The next thing is to ban photography of conversations.”

“I disagree, WhatsApp. I’m very, very against this. Firstly, because there are conversations with third parties that need to be taught. Always. and then there is screenshots that need to be shown to a person so that he says: “I’m right.” Do you remember’“, states Amate. “This is much worse. “I told you so,” and, in addition, I’m assured, this is terrible,” the presenter of the “morning” CADENA 100 disfigured, having received a detailed answer from his partner: “And with a red circle that you made by hand. And Mar herself ended with a phrase that could sound like a threat: “WhatsApp, you are going to attack half of humanity”.


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