The Latin singer who will participate in a movie with Megan Fox

Latin celebrities every day mark the stop in the international show business, the presence of these artists has become an important factor in the music and film industry. This is the case of reggaeton singer Becky G, who will work in a movie with celebrities like Megan Fox.

Recently, the premiere of the film Good Mourning took place, a comedy written and directed by Machine Gun Kelly, a Fox partner, and the musician Mod Sun, a partner of fellow singer Avril Lavigne. Celebrities such as Dove Cameron, Megan appear in this one and the Latin quota is on behalf of Becky G.

The film will tell the story of a famous actor who suffers an emotional spiral when he has the feeling that his girlfriend has broken up with him in a text message. This will star Machine Gun Kelly himself, who is actually called Colson Baker.

The project, the first directed by the singer and actor, will be in theaters on May 20. Last Friday, May 13, the premiere of the film was held. The director, along with his fiancée Megan, looked amazing in pink outfits. In addition, they were accompanied and some members of the tape.

On her Instagram account, Becky G expressed her happiness at being part of this tape. “It was a minute, but I’m happy to be back! I had a lot of fun making this movie.”

Gud Mourning, the Machine Gun Kelly movie

The artist is at a great moment in his artistic career. Together with the also musician and great friend they wrote, directed and produced the film Good Mourning, an American comedy with a cast that through dark humor and bizarre moments will entertain viewers.

“A large part of the character that you will see in the film is me in real life; I am someone quite childish, lost and sweet at heart. I feel that rather the world has a cold and hard perception of me and that I have to defend myself regarding this stereotype, “ Baker said.

The inspiration for the film was nothing more and nothing less than his fiancee, Megan Fox. According to the also actor, it was a text message from his partner that inspired him to write the plot of the film.

“It was just before she went on a trip. I was kind of stuck trying to figure out what she had told me. She was trying to decode that text message and it was like the Da Vinci Code. I went to all these places, what does this mean? What does this mean? And all the people I got relationship advice from weren’t in one. So it just took me down a long, dark, terrible road.”

“I showed up at his door with a 150-page script and said, ‘I need you to sit down. I need to read this to you. And when I read the whole thing she said, ‘Is this what was in your head? Everything agrees with the message, read it again.” This is how the idea for the movie Good Mourning came about.

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