The legacy of Cesar Alierta: Candanchu, hotels and investments

Three years after death Ana Cristina Placer in 2015, Cesar Aliertawell-known businessman, openly expressed his deep the feeling of loss and his unconditional love towards his late wife. Over four decades of marriage The couple had no children, although Alierta, known for his love of children, was considering adoption. Ultimately it was rejected.

At the time of his death, a few days ago, Alierta left no direct heirs to his significant assets. In accordance with Worldwhen he was the CEO of a large telecommunications company, Alierta earned 75.5 million eurospension of 54.2 million and shares worth 45 million euros.

In recent years, Alierta has reorganized its business structure under Acrispla de Inversiones, named after his wife. This company controlled stakes in several establishments. hospitality in Candanchu, for example at the Hotel Tobazo or Santa Cristinaand in international companies. He also controlled 25% of Ibernieve, the owner of a ski resort in the Pyrenees. Kandanchuand belonged more than 13% of Lierde SICAV shares managed by Augustus Capital AM.

Alierta and his wife lived in Arawak, in one of the most prestigious residential areas. However, in the last years of his life Alierta moved to Zaragoza for health reasons, where most of his brothers lived. Moreover, he had a close connection with Villanoisin the Huesca Pyrenees, where he spent much of his childhood and where his grandfather founded the logging industry in the 1930s.

Cesar Alierta’s passion for Villanua and the Aragon Valley was always evident, as he demonstrated when he said: ““What we talk about in Villanua is not talked about in Madrid”which reflects his special connection with this corner of the Pyrenees.

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