The LG washing machine sent 3.7GB of data per day via Wi-Fi.

Thanks to technology, we have been able to move towards a more comfortable lifestyle where we can complete many tasks in less time or without much effort. Today, almost everything is connected to the Internet, including household appliances. A strange thing happened when the owner LG washing machine discovered that he was sending 3.66 GB data per day and although he was able to block this data transfer, he does not know the reason why this happened.

All electronic devices are constantly evolving and adapting to new technologies that make our lives easier. Currently, we can say that artificial intelligence is what we know the most about, and gradually its implementation is reaching all devices. We are not only talking about mobile phones and computers, but also present in wearable devices for example, Humane Ai Pin or even in home appliances.

LG washing machine exhibits unusual behavior, sending almost 3.7 GB of data per day

Samsung has already announced that the new generation home appliances with AI chips, both for middle and high class. Among them will be refrigerators, ovens, washing machines and even air conditioners. Thanks to these chips and the use of artificial intelligence, additional functions will become available. We will be able to discover products, we will be given cooking tips and much more.

At the moment, modern devices do not yet have these functions, but are equipped with Wi-Fi. We’re talking about exactly this because a user in X showed how his LG washing machine was using excessive data traffic. In particular, we can see how they were registered. 3.57 GB downloadable data and 100 MB downloadable data., which adds up to about 3.66 GB per day. On the other hand, it is also shown that these figures indicate only 5% of the user’s daily data traffic.

The reason for this may be the ASUS router itself with a bug in the firmware.

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While it is unknown what caused the LG washing machine’s data traffic to be so high, there have been a few people who have speculated about what might have happened. One user said that this could be part of a hack that LG equipment suffered after use HomeHack vulnerabilities. According to this, they could be using devices like this washing machine to mine cryptocurrency or use it for other purposes that caused this increase in traffic.

Another theory mentions that the device was downloading data to improve its LLM and therefore improve the AI. However, the theory was simply ASUS router is to blame. What is mentioned here is the fact that the data traffic may be false due to a bug in the router firmware. At the same time, the owner of the LG washing machine indicates that he has already discovered an inaccuracy in the message of this router regarding the use of iMessage data. However, there is a huge difference between typical data usage From 1 MB per day to almost 3.7 GB per day.

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