The Lost Crown adds a superb Metroidvania to the iconic saga.

Video game saga Prince of Persia She has accompanied, entertained and thrilled several generations of players. Therefore, the launch of a new installment of this iconic game always brings joy, as well as skepticism as to whether it can retain the excellence and magic of its predecessors. And after more than thirty hours of pleasure Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, I can assure you that it exceeded all expectations And its commitment to the metroidvania genre has received a lot of resistance because it is a genre that can turn off many players due to its sometimes fiendish complexity.

A challenge that the developers of Ubisoft Montpellier were able to overcome and adapt to offer us name of the action and platform in 2D perspective (and 3D modeling) which captivates you from the first moment with a visual section that denotes the personality of the characters with a very realistic cartoon finish, similar to games like the Borderlands saga, which are interspersed with very colorful settings and full of details in which it is almost impossible to get lost.

In this case, we must put ourselves in Sargon’s shoesa young fighter from the Prince’s elite group who will have to overcome many trials on Mount Qaf, an imaginary world inspired by Persian mythology, in order to rescue him after being kidnapped and thus restore the balance of the world.

A plot that has its own script twists and which corresponds to the cartography that intersperses more than one dinner from different biomes (sewers, forests, catacombs, palaces, etc.) along with dangerous and varied enemies.

To defeat them, like in a good action game, Sargon has several weapons, various powers and movements and many amulets. which, when combined wisely, allow us to create different ways to play and solve the problems posed by the final bosses of each biome and many others protecting great treasures.

Equipment that we can improve and also buy at the shelter encourages us to continue our search. And the good thing about The Lost Crown is that This is such a fast and versatile game that exploring every corner of the map is extremely fun, solving puzzles, discovering many secrets and completing side missions. which will be assigned to us by different characters scattered around Mount Kaf, also inhabited by unusual trees, where we can save our progress.

All this with dubbing into excellent Spanish and signature soundtrack which will motivate us to keep trying to defeat this boss again and again. The best? That everything is so crazy that if you die, in the second you will encounter it again without long walks or waiting, like in other metroidvanias, in which getting lost and, most importantly, losing time is a very common occurrence. The game features several difficulty levels and two game modes: with visual cues on the map to know where to go, and traditional without any assistance. I highly recommend the first option because it makes it easier to explore without sacrificing the experience and avoiding unnecessary bursts of frustration.

Anyway the game offers important tasks and will not be a walk in the park. The aforementioned final bosses, each with their own attack patterns and internal characteristics that will force us to change our playstyle from time to time, are joined by puzzles and puzzles that will require control down to the millimeter and many doses of imagination to use abilities wisely. … those that Sargon will tell and which will become necessary to continue progressing in the adventure.

For performance, the game runs at 4K resolution and 120fps on PS5, a platform we were able to play the game on beforehand, and the fluid feel of the game is a delight. On Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series S it runs at 60fps and a different resolution, while on Series X and PC it runs at 120fps.


I was so fascinated by my experience with this Prince of Persia that it is difficult to say “but” to him. It saves the player’s time and minimizes the inherent boundaries of the metroidvania genre like no other, that recommending it is a must if you love video games. His ability to make a proposal in light of complex confrontations and issues so easily digestible, and to convince you not to give up your efforts, is commendable.. Where other metroidvanias have punctured my patience and ended up forgotten in the last corner of my hard drive, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown managed to hook me from the first moment and make it easy for me, without giving anything, to overcome the challenges it poses. Exciting, frantic, fun and very fast-paced, the game defines the game’s identity, which is filled with personality thanks to its visual design and combination, like no other characteristics and elements found in other great games of the genre, such as Hollow Knight or Blasphemous.

Without a doubt, this in itself was the first big surprise of 2024, which has just begun. This coming Thursday, the 18th, you will have a meeting with the prince that you cannot miss. As it is.

We were able to review Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown thanks to a PS5 key sent to us by Ubisoft Spain.

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