The man who set himself on fire in front of the court where Trump is being prosecuted dies


Where a man set himself on fire last Friday in front of the New York Courthouse Donald Trump Local media reported that the attempt was being made for reasons that are still unknown. Police immediately came to his help and used fire extinguishers to control the fire.

Emergency services, a few minutes later, carried the injured man on a stretcher and admitted him to the hospital in critical condition, but he was unable to overcome the severity of his injuries and died early in the morning, according to the New York Police. AP agency had confirmed.

You can see in many videos circulated on social networks A man lying on the ground burning in fire, Later, many people rushed to extinguish the fire with fire extinguishers.

The entire jury is trying to maintain silence in the Trump case 12 people and six substitutes Was selected just a few minutes ago. The beginning of the first criminal trial of a former President of the United States is getting closer.

I caught fire A park across the street from the courthouse Which has been a meeting point for protesters and media outlets covering jury selection for the Trump trial.


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