The Medicine Degree of the University of Almería receives 1,139 applications

The Degree in Medicine from the University of Almería has received 1,139 applications for this first course in which only 60 places are offered. It is also the University of Almería that stands with the highest cut-off mark in Andalusia in this degree, with 13,445.

The university degrees most in demand by Andalusian students in first preference have been Medicine, Nursing and Psychology, followed by degrees in Veterinary Medicine, Primary Education, Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, Law and Dentistry. This is how it is collected in the first phase of awarding places in Andalusian public universities, information that has been released from 00.00 on the website of the Andalusian Single District.

In the case of Medicine, a total of 9,625 people have chosen it as the first option throughout Andalusia, compared to a demand last year of 8,515 applications. The following titles with greater acceptance in Andalusia are Nursing, with 7,399 applications compared to 7,308 last year, and Psychology, with 4,733 applications compared to 4,617 the previous year.

Considering the highest cut-off mark, this year the double degree in Physics and Mathematics offered by the University of Seville has been scored, with 13,790. In second place is the double degree in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Granada, with 13,775; and the third highest mark, with 13,756, is that achieved by the double degree in French Translation and Interpreting and International Relations at Pablo de Olavide University.

By universities, the degrees that have achieved the highest cut-off mark in this adjudication have been in the case of Almeriathe degree of Medicine with a 13,442; in Cadizalso the degree of Medicine, with a 13,445; and in Cordovayou too, Medicine, with a 13,452. At the University of Granada, the highest score has been recorded by the double degree of Maths and physics, with 13,775; on the University of Huelva the highest cut-off mark has been for the Nursing degree, with 12,363; and in that of Jaenthe new Medicine degree, with 13,415.

In the Malaga Universitythe double degree of Mathematics and Computer Engineering has obtained a 13,725; on the Pablo de Olavide University the double degree in French Translation and Interpreting and International Relations has reached 13,756 and in the Sevilla University the highest cut-off mark has been for the double degree of Physics and mathematicswith a 13,790.

As a whole, this year the public universities of the community have received 84,321 applications for new admission to their degrees, compared to 79,333 last year, of which 55,092 come from Andalusia, 29,229 come from the rest of Spain (25,758) and from abroad (3,471). By gender, the distribution is 33,482 men and 50,749 women.

The UAL is the one with the greatest increase in requests

Attending to the universities, the Almeria It is the one that has registered the greatest increase in requests in first preference, 5,150, compared to 3,455 the previous year, that of Cádiz, 6,642 (6,588 in 2021); that of Córdoba, 5,690 (5,534 a year earlier); that of Granada, 21,346 (21,468 in 2021); that of Huelva, 1,873 (1,832 the previous year); that of Jaén, 3,002 (compared to 2,305 in 2021); that of Malaga, 11,868 (11,559 in 2021); Pablo de Olavide, 3,696 (3,985 a year earlier); and Hispalense, 23,054 (22,606 in 2021).

Job placement survey to guide the selection

To guide students who start the next course at the university of their choice, the Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities, since last June 13, has made available to them the most significant data from a study prepared by the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia (IECA) on the employment of graduates from public universities. This information is available through the website of the Andalusian Single District.

This measure is intended to provide these young people with relevant information to help them make their decision when choosing to enroll in one degree or another after passing the PEvAU.

The registration and reservation period is open until July 11

From today, July 7thuntil the next July 11 of 2022 will remain open registration periodreservation and confirmation in waiting listsa for the total of 50,826 places that are offered in the different degrees of the public universities of Andalusia for the next academic year 2022/2023. Depending on the situation of each applicant, the computer system of the Single Andalusian District tells you the different recommended or mandatory steps you must take in the admission procedure. For example, in the case of students admitted in first preference, they must enroll in the corresponding university, since they have obtained the desired place. Those who are admitted in the second or successive option will have to formalize the reservation of the place in which they have been admitted and confirm their desire to remain on the waiting lists of the most preferred requests in order to obtain a place that fits more to your initial choice. These people can also choose to enroll in the assigned degree, but in this case the Andalusian Single District will understand that they waive their initial requests, remaining definitively enrolled in the degree in question, without continuing to participate in the procedure.

In the case of students who are on the waiting list for all their requests, they must confirm their wish to remain on them in order to obtain a place, if possible, in the next adjudication.

In general, the Andalusian Single District system will understand that, if the interested party does not confirm or reserve a place, they do not wish to continue in the procedure and will be excluded from the process, passing their place to another person on the waiting list. The next award will be on July 14.

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