The Meta Accelerates in Generative AI with Llama 3

Meta has unveiled a new version of Meta AI, its generative artificial intelligence (AI) assistant, which will be openly present across all its apps: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

A previously unnoticed tool that answers user questions (like ChatGPT) will have a more prominent place in the California group’s networks and messaging services.

Meta AI has also become more efficient thanks to a new version of the underlying language model, Llama 3, also released by the company on Thursday.

“We believe Meta AI will be the most intelligent AI assistant available in the public domain,” Mark Zuckerberg, the head of the leading social media company, said on Instagram.

Tech giants have been locked in a mad race for more than a year to develop and implement generative AI (the production of text, images and other content based on a simple query formulated in everyday language).

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Leading this race is OpenAI with ChaptGPT, developed jointly with Microsoft, and Google.

Llama 3 will allow Meta AI to improve responses to user queries and generate images faster.

The assistant, which will be introduced in September, will also be easier to use on a specific website (, on connected Ray-Ban Meta glasses and across all apps, as well as in more countries.

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“We’ve integrated it into the search box at the top of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger so that when someone has a question, they can ask it there,” Zuckerberg said.

“Our goal in the near future is to make Llama 3 multilingual and multimodal, capable of integrating more context and (…) better reasoning,” the company said.

“From a business perspective, Meta has a big advantage in creating ad-supported services,” while OpenAI has no experience in this area and “relies on paid subscriptions to ChatGPT and sales of business services,” said Debra Williamson, an analyst at Sonata Insights. . .


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