“The Minamata case”, an unrecognizable Johnny Depp in the new Sky Original film


Johnny Depp is the protagonist of THE MINAMATA CASE on first TV on Sky Cinema Uno on Friday 17 September at 9.15 pm, in streaming on NOW And available on The Minamata case.

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Directed by Andrew Levitas, the film tells the true story of photojournalist Eugene Smith who in the early 1970s was able to document the consequences of mercury poisoning in the Japanese village of Minamata, with one of the most successful and most famous reports of his career. history of journalism. In the cast, alongside Johnny Depp, Hiroyuki Sanada, Jun Kunimura, Minami, Ryo Kase, Tadanobu Asano, Akiko Iwase and Bill Nighy.

THE MINAMATA CASE – New York, 1971. The famous photojournalist W. Eugene Smith (Johnny Depp) is now a shadow of himself. Alcoholic, in controversy with the world of information and without any relationship with his children, he lives in solitude and refuses to work. But an assignment from Life magazine editor Robert Hayes (Bill Nighy) takes him to the Japanese coastal city of Minamata, ravaged by mercury poisoning, the result of decades of industrial pollution by the Chisso Corporation, a major Japanese chemical company. .

There Smith makes contact with the fishing community of the village and, armed with his camera, documents their efforts to live with the serious illness caused by mercury poisoning, called “Minamata disease”, and their passionate campaign. to obtain compensation from Chisso and the Japanese government. Images of Smith from the poisoned village give the disaster a heartbreaking human dimension, and his initial assignment turns into a life-changing experience.


IL CASO MINAMATA – premiered on Sky Cinema Uno on Friday 17 September at 9.15 pm, in streaming on NOW And available on demand. And thanks to extras, Sky customers for more than three years and with Sky Cinema will see it first of all on demand in the extra section.

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