The Ministry of Deportation had the money ready and did not transfer it, what happened?

Colombia lost its headquarters Pan American Games 2027, who were entrusted Barranquillafor failure to pay the first payment on December 31, 2023. This Friday “La W” published a document confirming the commitment that Ministry of Sports to transfer money.

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“With this letter I notify you that Panam Sports recalls organization XX

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Pan American Games 2027 (“Games”) of the Republic of Colombia,

Department of Atlantico Colombia, City of Barranquilla and Committee

Colombian Olympic Games and as of this date, January 3, 2024, terminates the Host City Contract of the XX Pan American Games 2027 dated August 27, 2021 (“Host City Contract”), the termination and termination of which corresponds to the

terms and conditions of the Host City Contract, in particular Article 76

himself,” said Panam Sports.

The organization gave the country 90 days to pay its outstanding debt of $8 million. They will be paid in two installments: 4 million must be paid by December 30 and the remaining 4 by January 30 to ensure that the country can host the Games, taking into account that Asuncion, Paraguay was also a contender.

However, the first payment could not be made, so this Wednesday Panam Sport made a radical decision.

What happened to the money?

Losing games remains at the eye of the hurricane. A Games Organizing Committee document published by La W shows that The Sports Ministry said it had the resources to fix them.

The protocol, signed on November 7, 2023, states that the Minister Astrid Rodriguez He claimed to have $8 million to fund the Games, which he had to hand over to Panam Sports.

“Minister Astrid Rodriguez confirms that the ministry has $8 million to be transferred in December and proposes the Colombian Olympic Committee as a temporary operator that can transfer these resources.“, the document says.

Even the management of the resources of the Olympic Committee was approved unanimously, as stated in Minutes No. 01, which names the Organizing Committee.

Except, David GarsonThe Secretary General of the Ministry noted that 60% of the funding project has been submitted to the national government.

Mexico wants to host the Games

Samuel GarciaThe governor of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, has expressed his interest in hosting the 2027 Pan American Games and has asked citizens via social media whether they should host the continent’s most important games.

“What do you see? Will we move the 2027 Pan American Games to Nuevo Leon? “I read them!!!” Garcia said on his official X (formerly Twitter) account.

It is worth recalling that Nuevo Leon will host the 2026 FIFA World Cup in the USA, Mexico and Canada.


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