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Emergency doctor admits the series reflects reality

The Simpsons are often recognized for their ability to distort reality, taking to extremes the most ridiculous patterns of behavior already existing in modern society. That is why from time to time they anticipate future events and are able, like no one else, to determine that our world is moving towards an involuntary parody. His satire extended to various areas, including the United States medical system.

Based on two famous medical characters, Dr. Hibbert and Dr. Nick Rivera, it shows the most absurd moments when They exaggerate the moments that can be experienced with the help of modern medicine. if the person lives in the United States (and sometimes other places in the world). Additionally, showcasing a range of rare injuries and illnesses creates a lot of physical humor that is not necessarily medically rigorous.

However, there was a time when they were absolutely right showing medical science in action. Dr. Jordan Wagner is an emergency services worker and YouTuber in his spare time who reacts to how medical situations are portrayed in animated series such as Simpsonas well as in other works of fiction and video games (and sometimes in real-life moments), offering answers to doubts about these specific moments and how to properly respond to them.

Back problem

Episodes Simpson They provide you with a wealth of material to advise you on what not to do and what is a huge exaggeration of what modern medicine is all about. However, in episode 10 of season 12 Chiromami, he had to take his hat off to the series and its way of reflecting a problem that health science has historically faced.

In this episode, Homer sees a chiropractor after injuring his back after becoming an amateur offer real solutions. Before seeing them, he goes to his family doctor, Dr. Hibbert, who refers him to an expert who states that “modern medicine has a terrible track record when it comes to the back. “We spent more time at the front.” YouTuber Dr. Wagner agrees with the character, assuring that “we’re doing everything we can to try to solve the problem of back pain for people, but it’s really difficult. “There are a lot of nerves.”

The Simpsons 1 – Back Cure 0.

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