The most economical Mercedes electric car costs 54,438 euros, but there is an alternative for 17,000 euros…

It’s not that it’s a secret to anyone that each of the models Mercedes In terms of price, they are several notches above average. In fact, among the successful premium brands in our country, that is Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volvo And LexusAmong others, models of the German brand are in the vast majority of cases the most expensive.

This pricing policy does not correspond to anything other than a commercial strategy on the part of the German brand, aimed at placing its models at least a step higher in status compared to direct competitors, although this does not mean that models like BMW, Audi and the company cannot be compared in quality with those Mercedes.

However, it’s not exactly a model from one of these five brands, which boasts of being a very interesting alternative to the cheapest electric car in the German brand’s line-up – FOC. It’s nothing more than Smart No. 3one of the manufacturer’s great offerings for European roads.

Smart #3, plan B for Mercedes EQA

As we see in the configurators of the German brand, the starting price of the simplest version FOCcompact electric SUV, are about 57,000 euros. The downside in this case is that this model cannot receive assistance under the government’s MOVES plan, so its price cannot be reduced like many other electric vehicles can.

Yes, this can be done by Smart, which has a lower starting price 40,000 euros and which, with the help of a government plan, could eventually cost up to 7000 euros less. Of course, it should be taken into account that, in addition to the market position of these two models, one of the main differences is the size of the battery and, of course, autonomy.

Meanwhile he Mercedes It has battery over 70 kW time that allows youenergy 530 km autonomyAccording to the WLTP approval cycle, smart It has a battery 49 kW hour what allows you to have autonomy 325 kilometersmuch lower figure than Mercedes.

However, given the price difference between these two models, which is more than less 17,000 euros, It would not be surprising if there were many who gave up autonomy and immediately went to smartone of the most interesting premium electric vehicles currently on sale in Spain.

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