The most fascinating photos left by the year 2023 – More regions – International

Migration waves, active wars – such as Ukraine’s with Russia and Israel’s with Hamas –, The drama of passengers caused by the Viva Air crisis, the expected accession to the throne of Charles III, among other things. These are the events that left photographs for history in 2023.

The first mugshot of a former president

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia (USA) published a photo of Donald Trump’s arrest on August 24. Became the country’s first former president to be convicted. This image is, for obvious reasons, important to history. Photo: AFP

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Donald Trump

Mug shot of former President Donald Trump.


Fulton County Sheriff’s Office/AFP

Pain and destruction in Gaza

Palestinians recover the body of a girl from the debris after Israeli forces bombed the Al Shatiya refugee camp in Gaza on 24 October., According to Palestinian sources, more than 21,000 people have been killed since October 7. Photo: Mohammad Sabar. efe


Bombing of Al Shatiya refugee camp in Gaza.


Photo: Mohammad Sabar. efe

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Simone Biles returns

In one of the biggest revivals of the sports year, the American Simone Biles returns to competitions in 2023 After taking a two-year break due to mental health issues, she proved that she is the best gymnast in history. Photo: Getty Images

simone biles

American Simone Biles returned to competitions this year.

Sudden closure of Viva Air operations

hundreds of passengers who They were unable to reach their destination due to Viva Air suddenly announcing cancellation of operations. They slept in suitcases, on blankets or lying on the floor at various airports in the country awaiting a response on 27 February. Photo: Jyvor Nieto. Time

Viva Air

Passengers affected by the sudden closure of the airline Viva Air.


Javer Neeto. Time

Charles III, the new king

King Charles III of Great Britain with royal state crown And Britain’s Queen Camilla greeted her subjects from the balcony of Buckingham Palace after her coronation on May 6. Photo: Daniel Leal. AFP

Charles III

Charles III after being sworn in as the new British king.

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Huge riot of immigrants in America

The migrants cross the banks of the Rio Grande and enter the United States on May 9. A new immigration policy, which tightened measures to enter the country, created uncertainty for thousands of people who had sought asylum in the United States and who were traveling illegally, such as Darien, to try to reach US territory. And resorted to dangerous routes. Photo: Alfredo Estrella. AFP


Migrants cross the banks of the Rio Grande towards the US


Alfredo Starr. AFP

devastating earthquake in turkey

Mesut Hansar holds the hand of his 15-year-old daughter Irmak, who died in a 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck southeastern Turkey on February 7. Photo: Adem Altan. AFP


Mesut Hansar holds the hand of his daughter Ermak after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Wildfire havoc in Canada

Residents of Kelowna (Canada) are observing the McDougall Creek wildfire to the west, which threatens the city of about 150,000 residents. Canada experienced several unprecedented wildfire seasons during 2023. Photo: Darren Hull. AFP

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McDougall Creek wildfire, West, Canada.

Release of Luis Diaz and ‘Mane’ Diaz

Liverpool forward Colombian Luis Diaz demands the release of his father Manuel Diaz, kidnapped by the ELN. After scoring the equalizing goal during a Premier League match between Luton Town and Liverpool FC on 5 November. Photo: Andrew Powell. getty images

Luis Diaz

Luis Diaz demanded his father’s release during a Liverpool match.

‘Vinicius is all of us’

Real Madrid player Vinicius Junior attended an event in support of his man, On the occasion of the cases of racism he experienced in the match against Valencia in La Liga on May 24, 2023. Photo: Rodrigo Jimenez. efe


Support Act for Vinicius Jr.


Rodrigo Jimenez. efe

Coup attempt in Brazil

Jair Bolsonaro’s supporters are against Lula da Silva’s assumption of the presidency of Brazil and the results of the second round of elections. They attacked Congress, the Supreme Federal Court and the Planalto Palace, Headquarters of the Presidency of the Republic, in Brasília (Brazil), on 8 January. The protesters were demanding military intervention to overthrow the new president. Photo: Andre Borges. efe


Supporters of Jair Bolsonaro attacked the seats of power in Brasília.

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