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the ending list
(Premiere) – Amazon Prime Video

Chris Pratt stars in this psychological action-thriller as James Reece, a US Marine Special Forces commander who, after a brutal ambush that kills his entire team on a mission, returns home with confused memories of the event. .

Without being able to trust himself or those around him, the protagonist will be involved in a dangerous plot of deceit and military secrets that he must survive while trying to figure out what really happened in that operation that changed everything. Based on the best-selling novel by Jack Carr, its eight episodes also feature Taylor Kitsch, Constance Wu and Jai Courtney in the cast.

stranger things
(Season 4 – Part 2) – Netflix

Composed of two episodes of an extension worthy of two feature films (85 and 140 minutes respectively), Volume 2 of the fourth season of “Stranger Things” arrives on Netflix to give a closure -not definitive, since the action will continue in the fifth and latest installment- to the most dangerous and life-threatening adventure of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and the rest of her friends from the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana.

The series by brothers Matt and Ross Duffer offers a season finale of epic dimensions with the expected face-to-face confrontation with the most powerful dark enemy to date, strong revelations and the usual tribute to cinema and pop culture of the 80s.

(Premiere) – Amazon Prime Video and El Nueve

Directed by Ana Katz, this new dramatic comedy portrays a key moment for Nicolasa (Johanna Chiefo), June (Ruggero Pasquarelli) and Mimí (Carolina Kopelioff), three characters who, close to 30, face social mandates, their own desires and frustrations and to life in the big city.

Nancy Dupláa, Inés Estévez, Diego Cremonesi, Marina Bellati and Luis Ziembrowski complete the cast of this plot of four episodes of half an hour each, in which different and hilarious events mark a break in the lives of young people and, as a consequence, also in those of their relatives, lovers and friends.

The Girl from Plainville
(Premiere) – Starzplay

Starring Elle Fanning, “The Girl from Plainville” is a miniseries inspired by the true story of an unprecedented case that occurred in 2014, in which an American teenager took his own life driven by his girlfriend, who encouraged him to commit suicide. through text messages.

The eight-episode series explores the relationship between the girl, Michelle Carter (Fanning), and the victim, Conrad Roy III (Colton Ryan), the events that led to the death of the latter, and the young woman’s subsequent conviction under the rating of “involuntary manslaughter”.

resident Evil
(Premiere) – Netflix

The successful action and horror video game that later continued to attract fans around the world with its saga of six films starring Milla Jovovich now has a new adaptation in an eight-episode series format, with the same plot but set in a new universe.

Between two timelines, the story follows the complicated adolescence of Jade (Ella Balinska) and Billie Wesker (Adeline Rudolph), two twins and daughters of an executive of the shadowy Umbrella Corporation. Fourteen years later, and carrying tragic memories of her past, Jade struggles to survive in a world plagued by bloodthirsty creatures.

María Marta, the country crime
(Premiere) – HBO Max and HBO

One of the most shocking criminal episodes in Argentine history, which occurred in 2002 in the Carmel de Pilar private neighborhood, is brought to the small screen in the form of an eight-episode miniseries, with Laura Novoa and Jorge Marrale as María Marta García Belsunce and her husband, Carlos Carrascosa.

A high society victim, suspicious relatives and neighbors and an investigation with many errors are some of the elements that transformed the case into a story debated like few others by Justice and society, and that in this series is fictionalized to recreate what happened. before, during and after his murder. Carlos Belloso, Muriel Santa Ana, Mike Amigorena, Ana Celentano and Nicolás Francella complete the cast.

I Love That for You
(Premiere) – Paramount+

Inspired by her own story of fighting a diagnosis of childhood leukemia, the actress and comedian Vanessa Bayer stars -along with her colleagues Molly Shannon and Jenifer Lewis- in this sitcom in which she plays Joanna Gold, a young woman who dreams of becoming a presenter of a television shopping channel.

While trying to get rid of the label of “the girl with cancer” and become an independent adult, Joanna will seek to make a place for herself in a highly competitive environment in which she will find alliances and enmities that force her to put together a huge lie to meet her goal. .

Saint Avoid
(Premiere) – Star+

Based on the well-known novel by journalist and writer Tomás Eloy Martínez and starring Natalia Oreiro and Darío Grandinetti, the local production follows the story of the kidnapping and desecration of the embalmed remains of the then-wife of Juan Domingo Perón after the coup. civic-military of 1955.

Directed by Rodrigo García -son of the Colombian Gabriel García Márquez- and with the participation of Ernesto Alterio, Diego Velázquez and the Catalan Francesc Orella, the series of seven episodes reconstructs the relationship between the former president and the actress, later a political leader, as well as the network of officials who overthrew Perón during his second term and kidnapped the body of the ill-fated Evita from the CGT building where she was being held.

(Premiere) – Amazon Prime Video

In the first hours after Halloween night in 1988, Erin (Riley Lai Nelet), Mac (Sofia Rosinsky), Tiffany (Camryn Jones) and KJ (Fina Strazza), four teenage newsboys, are on their delivery route. when they get caught up in a confrontation between time travelers who are at war.

Transported to the future, the protagonists must find a way to return to the past, on a journey that will force them to overcome their differences and learn to trust themselves while they meet their adult versions and are persecuted by a powerful group of individuals who try to stop them. in his assignment. The series, based on the comic of the same name by Brian K. Vaughan, also features appearances by Ali Wong, Nate Corddry, and Adina Porter.

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