The most popular Dyson premium vacuum cleaner of 2023 has fallen in price by almost 200 euros

When looking for a vacuum cleaner that will allow us to remove all the dust and dirt accumulated in our home, we will find models of all ranges and prices. In many cases, to achieve the best results, it is recommended to bet on a winning horse and make a sound investment. That’s why today we’re going to talk about a premium Dyson vacuum cleaner that is a guarantee of success and has an impressive price on MediaMarkt.

In particular, we mean Dyson v15 Fluffy Detection, a high-quality cordless vacuum cleaner that includes all kinds of technologies needed to clean your entire home perfectly and thoroughly. Today is a great time to buy it, because on the MediaMarkt website its price has dropped by 25%, so we have a great opportunity. If you want to know everything it has to offer, keep reading, we will tell you all the details and you will be amazed.

Power and versatility

We are talking about a star-shaped vacuum cleaner from the popular Dyson brand, which stands out for its Suction power 240 W. The presence of an acoustic sensor is responsible for the classification of aspirated particles, and its Fluffy optics brush Captures microscopic dust for deep cleaning. There is also a pollution sensor. This smart new feature takes care of use acoustic sensor for measuring and counting particles that are absorbed during the cleaning process. Finally, will automatically adjust power sections depending on the amount of dirt detected.

His Brush Features: Lighting be able to see particles and other dirt residues undetectable by the naked eye in the dark to improve cleaning efficiency. From LCD screen It will be possible to view all the dirt picked up by the vacuum cleaner in real time, to prevent waste from being left uncollected, and also to check the remaining available autonomy so that we can plan cleaning times in the most efficient way. Its battery allows up to 60 minutes cleaning.

Dyson v15 Detect vacuum cleaner

Having it DLS technology (Dynamic load sensor) is responsible for automatically adjusting the suction power depending on the type of floor, which allows you to achieve optimal cleaning of various surfaces. This automatic power control It is responsible for saving energy and ensuring the vacuum cleaner’s efficiency on various types of floors without the need for constant manual adjustments. The vacuum cleaner comes with a Fluffy Optic brush and six attachments.

Take this Dyson vacuum cleaner and save €194.

Having understood its main features and in conclusion, it must be said that the Dyson v15 Detect Fluffy is a high-end cordless stick vacuum cleaner that can give you the best cleaning experience with minimal effort. This is a guarantee of success and at a competitive price.

Dyson V15 Ultimate vacuum cleaner

On the MediaMark website there is Recommended retail price 749 euros. but today you can buy it for only 555 euros and with free shipping. This is a 25% discount on total savings 194 euros. Additionally, it has 1,216 reviews with an average rating 4.6/5 stars.

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