The most premium TicWatch with an almost endless battery has reduced the price on AliExpress like never before

You don’t always want to change your smartwatch, especially if you just got a new smartwatch. However, there are times when such lucrative offers appear for this purpose as today. Premium watch TicWatch with which you will be left with the best price and hard to resist temptation. Sometimes it’s worth taking advantage of these opportunities, since you can’t always find that top model at that price.

Among all the smartwatches that can be found, there is a brand that surprises in all stores. We are talking about smart watches TikTok Pro 5one of those watches that is loved not only for its elegant design, but also for its various functions such as battery, screen…

Huge battery and AMOLED screen.

One of the keys to this best TicWatch smartwatch is its battery. No more, no less than you can offer autonomy that goes up to 45 days, all thanks to whether the essential mode is used. One thing to keep in mind is that depending on how you use the 628mAh battery, it may last more or less. For example, in smart mode it lasts for 80 hours. So there’s a big difference. If you use both modes, you will notice that it lasts longer. Moreover, when the time comes to charge it, this may happen. from 0% to 65% in just 30 minutes.

Apart from the battery, the other most important element of this best watch is the screen. First of all, this TicWatch device has 1.43-inch AMOLED screen. So it’s not exactly small, so you won’t have any problems checking the time, keeping track of received messages, etc. What’s new is the low-power second panel that’s what makes this watch last so long. Additionally, its main panel comes with Goring Gorilla fingerprint protection.

Shockproof and NFC enabled

While its sleek design may suggest it’s not the most durable, not only do you have to consider its fingerprint resistance with a protective layer against potential scratches, but it also comes with a military-grade rating. MIL-STD-810X. Keep in mind that this particular watch is made from stainless steel, aluminum, and high-strength nylon with fiberglass. So it’s not entirely weak.

TikTok Pro 5

On the other hand, this smartwatch has GPS: GPS + Beidou + Glonass + Galileo + QZSS. Its connections include 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.2. Although perhaps what matters most to you is what it offers NFC payments so you don’t have to take out your wallet or mobile phone to pay.

These watches remain cheaper than ever on AliExpress. Please note that this model costs 359.99 euros as standard. However, with this latest discount you can get a brand new TikTok Pro 5 for 233.91 euros in black. Additionally, for the promotion of the online store “Summer Passions” you can apply a coupon ADSL20 so that the price drops even more (one-time use per account and for shipping to Spain). You can also find other coupons:

  • discount 4 euros with a minimum purchase of 29 euros: ADSL04
  • discount 8 euros with a minimum purchase of 59 euros: ADSL08
  • discount 12 euros with a minimum purchase of 89 euros: ADSL12
  • discount 50 euros with a minimum purchase of 299 euros: ADSL50
  • discount 80 euros with a minimum purchase of 499 euros: ADSL80

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