The mother and daughter owned a hair salon, but they performed cosmetic surgery and killed the woman: they were sentenced to 17 years in prison.

The mother and daughter had an underground clinic operating under a hairdresser’s license.

(From Santiago, Chile) The third court of the oral criminal trial of Santiago rendered a verdict 17 years from an effective prison to Teresa Elena Diaz Stevens (75 years old) and her daughter Monica Teresa Flores Diaz (54 years old)as the authors of completed crimes such as simple murder, malicious use of a government instrument, serious bodily injury and the unlawful exercise of the profession of surgeon.

According to the prosecution, crimes were committed between 2017 and February 2022, in the commune of Las Condes, Santiago, as announced this Thursday in a press release from the judiciary.

By unanimous decision, the court also sentenced third party participation son also of the man who apparently was the leader of this group: we are talking about Jorge Mario Flores Diaz (51)who was sentenced to 818 days of imprisonment and payment of a tax fine of 6 utm, as the author of the completed crime of illegally practicing the profession of a surgeon, committed between 2015 and February 1, 2022.

Three members of a family group owned the center “Integral aesthetic”who worked with a patent for hairdressing and without permission due to health reasons. The establishment, which had already closed in 2019, continued to operate despite complaints from several victims about health complications.

The group offered services on social networks such as hyaluronic acid injections, butt lift and liposuction, without having the necessary titles and tools for these interventions. It was there, in February 2022. Leslie Vergara (32) died after passing aesthetic buttock augmentation procedure. During the operation, the injected silicone entered one of the victim’s veins.

Leslie Vergara was 32 years old when she died as a result of a silicone butt lift.

“I arrived at the clinic with Jorge Flores, found myself face to face with Monica Flores and Teresa Diaz and asked them what happened to my friend. There they fell silent, looked at me and shook their heads. They told me what I gave him cardiorespiratory arrest and that he was unable to get to the clinic. When he told me this, the world collapsed on me, I fell into despair,” said a witness named Javiera, a friend of Leslie.

“Monica Flores and her mother present themselves as surgeons “They know how to do the procedures, they have courses and everything necessary,” he added.

Another victim said: “I have had over four surgeries trying to remove what she injected me with. They opened my nose to get it out because he pricked me. methacrylate, something that sticks to the skin.”

The court found it proven that at about 20:30 on February 1, 2022, the victim Leslie Scarlet Vergara Paves “(…) came to the house located at 8070 Padre Errázuriz Street, Las Condes, with the aim of performing an intervention to enlarge the buttocks using collagen injections. In this place he receives the activities of Teresa Diaz Stevens and Monica Flores Diaz, who, acting maliciously and illegally practicing the profession of surgeon, by venipuncture injected into their right buttock a substance that corresponds to polydimethylsiloxane, also called silicone, which ultimately leads to death within a few minutes, with the cause of death being pulmonary infarctionpulmonary embolism due to a foreign body.”

The court also found that between 2015 and 2022, the Flores Díaz brothers and their mother Teresa Díaz Stevens “(…) at the address located at 8070 Padre Errázuriz Street, Las Condes, illegally practicing the profession of surgeons, carried out interventions or procedures to enlarge the buttocks by injecting substances that they said were hyaluronic acid or collagenHowever, these treatments have caused adverse reactions and health problems in a large number of victims.

Since 2015, the accused are believed to have graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tarapacá. They operated on 48 women.causing health problems for most of them, especially due to leaks in the implants.

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