The mother-in-law returns pajamas that are too small for her, and what the saleswoman tells her is outrageous.

TikTok user @miriammsolerr has proven that she has a wonderful mother-in-law, and the reason is very simple. It all started whenor he gave him pajamas that were too small for him and went to return it to the store where I bought it.

“The pajamas were cute, I liked them, but when I saw this label, I realized they were size 2XL. these pajamas were too small for meit didn’t even reach my knee,” he explained in the video, which has received more than 500,000 views and 34,000 likes.

So far so good, but when her mother-in-law went to the original store to return a gift, she was confronted by a salesperson who interfered where she had no business. “Lack of empathy, especially when communicating with the public, how much…“, appeared.

“She told him that she was coming to return it because it didn’t fit me, that it was too small,” the mother-in-law explained to the saleswoman. Once the checks are complete, he replies, “Oh, well, that’s the biggest size I have in the store, Yes, your daughter-in-law would have to be fat to not get into this.“.

And, of course, she didn’t know that her mother-in-law was not going to remain silent: “It’s none of your business, my daughter-in-law is beautiful. Why do you care what size she wears? “I just came to buy you something and I will return it to you, you don’t need to go any further.”

The girl, according to @noesanchezr, was “stunned” and said nothing more. “Imagine me walking with TCA and he says this to my face.”, warned. Users empathized with her in the comments and told very similar situations: “One day I went to the store with a friend who wanted to buy trousers, and as soon as I walked in, they looked down at me and said: “We won’t wear them.” “You have no size.” “You””.

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