The municipal plenary session of Huesca has once again requested the full degree of Medicine for the campus – Informativo Mediodía en Huesca

The plenary session of the Huesca City Council has unanimously agreed to reiterate the request for the full degree of Medicine at the Huesca university campus. All municipal groups have voted in favor of the PP proposal.

During the time for questions and answers, the Populares have demanded to know what the mayor’s position is on this request and the possible implementation of these studies at the San Jorge University. The spokeswoman for this political formation, Gemma Allué, asked that “what steps has the mayor taken with the Ministry of Health, with President Lambán to promote the implementation of the Medicine degree in Huesca? What opinion or concern does he deserve the announcement of the implantation of Medicine at the San Jorge University, with the support of the Aragonese executive?” And if you are going to condemn this duplicity as you did with the Magisterium?”

Luis Felipe, for his part, was once again opposed to duplicities, as he did in his day with the Teachers’ Office, and has announced a new meeting of the Board of Trustees of the General Study to discuss this issue next October.

The People’s Councilor, Gerardo Oliván, has asked him to include this issue in the agenda of the next meeting of the Board of Trustees of the General Study.

Continuing with the chapter of questions and answers, the councilor of the PP Gemma Allué, has given voice to the complaints related to cleaning and coexistence problems and that the residents of Joaquin Roig and Valencia streets suffer, without having received a response from the City Council . Allué has also demanded the repair of the pivot of Argensolas street and has insisted again on the need to open the new premises for the Perpetuo Socorro neighborhood association

Felipe has replied that said place is already available for the neighbors.

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