The mystery of the ring of galaxies that challenges our understanding of the cosmos is explained in less than a minute

A galaxy ring puts cosmology to the test. This structure is so huge that according to modern cosmological theories shouldn’t exist. Journalist Mario Viciosa, Newtral’s science specialist, explains this cosmological mystery to us in less than a minute in a video that illustrates these lines with a baking metaphor.

Let’s imagine what space was like a huge muffin or raisin pie. To make it, we would put all the ingredients in a food processor or bread maker and, first of all, we would have to add yeast, which in our model of the cosmos would be like the mysterious dark energy.

When we apply heat it it’s expanding. The highlight here would be the galaxies: they are moving away from each other, but evenly. Don’t we usually find a lump in a bun that looks like a lump of raisins in just one place? Well, that’s exactly what scientists just saw in space, in a very distant region.

What’s happening is that With the age of the Universe there would be no time for these strange things to happen. So we may have to redefine some aspects of the birth and evolution of the cosmos when we think about it now.

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