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Drama and mystery will always be characteristics within the successful productions of any streaming platform like Netflix, that’s why echoes (Echoes in Latin America) is rapidly climbing positions among the most viewed content.

The series directed by Vanessa Gazy tells the story of the mysterious disappearance of a twin sister that generates a series of unexpected events.

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During 8 episodes of 45 minutesviewers witness how the disappearance becomes a much bigger drama than few imagine.

The cast is made up of: Michelle Monaghan as Leni and Gina, Matt Bomer as Jack Beck, Daniel Sunjata as Charlie Davenport, Ali Stroker as Claudia, Karen Robinson as Sheriff Louise Floss, Rosanny Zayas as Deputy Paula Martinez, Michael O’Neill as Victor McCleary, Celia Weston as Georgia Tyler, Gable Swanlund as Mathilda “Mattie” Beck, and Jonathan Tucker as Dylan James.

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Michelle Monaghan starring twice

The 46-year-old American actress is in charge of impersonating both Leni and Gina, increasing the level of difficulty in her interpretation. In the past, Monaghan had participated in roles in films such as Mission Impossible 3 and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Gone Baby Gone, Made of Honor, The Heartbreak Kid, Eagle Eye, Source Code, True Detective, and Pixels.

“I really decided to start with the fundamental trauma that they lost their mother, and how they shared different truths around that, and what really happened,” Michelle Monaghan told Yahoo Canada. “I let those different perspectives inform who they were as women and how that might affect them characteristically, energetically and emotionally.”

“With that in mind, I used that as a baseline to develop Leni from start to finish, and then I went into the same process with Gina. So after going through that process, I was really able to jump into her shoes pretty easily, just making the switch, literally, on a daily basis.”

The series called “limited” (that is, it does not need a new season) has been available on Netflix since August 19.

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