The NBA confirmed the status of Morant’s injury for Game 6 vs. grizzlies


Ja Morant received confirmation from the NBA injury report on his status for Game 6 Golden State Warriors vs. Memphis Grizzlies 2022 playoff semifinals.

Ja Morant and Stephen Curry
© Scott Strazzante/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty ImagesJa Morant and Stephen Curry

The alarms start to ring Golden State Warriors and, although they are not at a very high volume, if there is some degree of concern about the performance in the last two games of NBA Playoffs 2022 against the Memphis Grizzles. For this reason, a big question arises:Ja Morant will be in Game 6 semifinals?

Although the Grizzlies showed they can win without Morant after beating the Warriors in Game 5, 134-95, to lead as much as 55 points, it doesn’t get any waters out by stating that Ja’s presence in the sixth game would be a big problem to solve for Warriors.

However, a big sense of relief came for Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors after going 22 turnovers and losing by 39 points in Game 5. face to Game 6 against the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday, May 13 at 22:00 ET Ja Morant’s injury status was confirmed.

Tears and helplessness. When Morant had to leave Game 3 with a bruised right knee, he knew it wasn’t a simple annoyance. After the Memphis Grizzlies confirmed the seriousness of his injury and missed two games against the Warriors in the Playoffs, there was little hope that he would be in Game 6, but…

The NBA confirmed the status of Morant’s injury for Game 6 vs. Warriors

According to the nba injury reportJa Morant’s injury status for Game 6 against Golden State Warriors for 2022 Playoffs is “out” due to a bone contusion in the right knee. He saved a sports miracle as happened with Joel Embiid in the 76ers vs. Heat, the point guard will not be able to be due to injury in the sixth game and Stephen Curry has a new unbeatable opportunity to advance to the Western Conference Finals.

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