The new Battlefield game aims to be a pioneer in the field of “destruction effects.”

Electronic Arts continues to prepare a new Battlefield together with its developer, but we recently learned that they are eager to give it away.”The most realistic destruction effects in the industry“; or at least try.

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One of the main criticisms of previous game in the Battlefield saga It was the lack of effects when destroying elements that was rather a disappointment that many users saw.

The saga of electronic art has always been synonymous with destructibility, players could demolish entire buildings with tanks, helicopters and explosive weapons: who doesn’t remember the mythical Black from PlayStation 2 and Xbox?

As Insider Gaming recalls, Battlefield 4 had a game-changing mechanic: “Levolution“, the maps were changed mid-game in a huge, disruptive change.

And thanks to a recent job offer from Ripple Effect, it looks like EA studio is working on a new Battlefield aims to get back to those destructive FPS skills.

In it you can read this Ripple Effect Studio is looking for a new Audio Visual Effects Director in Canada, emphasizing that the team is looking for “senior 3D artist“.

The Battlefield cover logo will remain “almost” untouched

It is from here that it is mentioned that they seek to create”The most realistic and exciting destruction effects in the industry“, for which they may need someone qualified for the position.

Below and after these words it is highlighted that an important part of filling the vacancy will be “create optimized and hyper-realistic visuals for the game“.

Although it’s difficult now, especially with premieres like “Endgame.” He the game was created by former Battlefield developers and has incredible destructive power.

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Whether they get it 100% or not, it could be great. return to the Battlefield franchise, which has been falling for a long time. 2042 was quickly classified as one of the worst installments of the saga.

While we saw over 100,000 concurrent players on Steam a few months ago, EA itself has openly admitted its failure.

Will it be true that the new Battlefield could have “industry’s most realistic disruptionsTo”? Time will show.

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