The new film “Ballerina” did not pass the bon pour sortir test like the previous one.

Spin-off John Wick with Ana de Armas, BallerinaLooks like your outing sticker passed the test well.

In moins d’une décennie, license to act John Wick s’est imposée as one of the original franchises of Hollywood’s most popular franchises. Keanu Reeves’ saga of liberation from passions offers fans of the genre of new bourre de Baston films a place to live in this world. And after John Wick 4 franchement réussi, the franchise has begun to expand its world (with all the recent Hollywood licenses). Prime Problem: TV Series Continental n’était clairement pas à la hauteur de l’énement.

Two problems: one of three (bonnes) novels concerning the spin-off saga with Ana de Armas. Et il faudra encore patient to avoid, puisque Ballerina nouveau été décalé. Film devrait explorer les origines du tueur Keanu Reeves in the film John Wickand promise to provide new elements essential to this world of action.

More recently, some concerns have been raised about the film’s reshoots (which will warm up the year somewhat). casting star explaining that this is necessary to protect the universe John Wick.

John Wick: Parabellum: photosThe only trace of a ballerina who instantly becomes “tour” in John Wick 3

ballerina: second round

L’emission pendant One showIan McShane (who interprets the continental director in John Wick) and I explained that this is the second tournament Ballerina this bad pours out good:

“We are all in Budapest, and these are not reshoots, more new scenes. This is a new tournament. After the inspection, Chad (Stahelski) arrived and the ardent improver chose part of what the protégé (franchise) had done, Keanu (Reeves) had already died in Australia, and the film passes between the three- and four-three John Wick. “

Ian McShane in search of profit for our students, who were not consulted by either Louis or Keanu Reeves about the series Continentalwhat was explained at the party is that it is produced by Amazon – it is part of the burres action films.

Ana de Armas: photo, Mourir peuttre, BallerinaAna de Armas: photo, Mourir peuttre, BallerinaAs an escort if you see badass Ana de Armas, na peut toujours (re)voir Mourir peut Attre

This report is not a compulsion for a new innovation: implicit people preferring to slow down the viewing of a film that insults the franchise (and Amazon aurait peutre dûtre dû en faire de même) are advertised. Please wait until these new tours are allowed. Ballerina d’être at the level des John Wickce qui serait un petit feat, quand on voit le joyeux bordel author of the film’s production.

Meeting in June 2025 to find out if the spin-off with Ana de Armas will return to furniture.

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