The new Prime Video series that arrives in November to dethrone Yellowstone

If you like the action genre combined with drama that Yellowstone brought to the screen, you should definitely watch the new Amazon Prime Video series that will dethrone the Paramount show starring Kevin Costner.

Yellowstone premieres his season 5 in paramount after a brief wait by fans who are eager to know what fate holds for John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his family, now that he has become the governor of the city and that several are willing to put a price on his head and that of his family.

Yellowstone will premiere its season 5 on November 13

Yellowstone’s first four seasons included no more than 10 episodes each. But season 5 will look very different as it will have a total of 14 episodes and will be split into two halves. The scheduled date for the premiere of this new installment of the drama is scheduled for November 13.

During the break, the streamer Paramount+ will present additional episodes of the prequel 1883, starring Tim McGraw Y Faith Hill (Montana settlers James and Margaret Dutton). Those additional 1883 episodes will conclude the story of that generation of Dutton while giving rise to the next in the era of the Great Depression and Prohibition. That new prequel will be titled 1932. When the second half of Yellowstone finishes airing in 2023, those episodes will help launch 1932 on the Paramount Network before moving exclusively to Paramount+. Like season 4, season 5 was filmed exclusively in Montana, which has seen most of this story unfold.

However, Yellowstone and its prequels are not the only drama and action series that will be released soon. Two days before the Paramount show hits screens in Amazon Prime Videospecifically on November 11, will be released Englisha show produced by the BBC Y Amazon Studioswhich has six episodes and stars Emily Blunt.

The English is the new Amazon Prime Video series that will dethrone Yellowstone

Lady Cornelia Locke, the character played by Emily Blunt, is part of the English aristocracy but arrives in the West in 1890 with interests very different from those of her position: she wants to find the man she considers responsible for the murder of her son and take revenge in his person.

During a journey filled with persecution and deadly danger, Cornelia meets Eli Whipp, a former cavalry scout and member of the Pawnee Indian tribe, whom she teams up with to reach their destination, unaware that their stories are intertwined. The story is original to Hugo Blick and it is one of the many bets that Amazon Prime Video will make this year to gain the audience.

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