The New York Yankees AGREED with Nestor Cortez Jr.

This day, January 11, has become one of the busiest days of the current off-season. Teams will have until 8:00 pm (ET) to sign agreements and avoid salary arbitration. One of the most active teams in this sense is New York Yankeeswhich tries to preserve a significant part of its figures.

Negotiations of this type can only be carried out with players with three to six years of playing experience. Major League Baseball and they do not have a valid contract for the next course. In addition, it can be selected by players with more than two years of experience who have played a certain number of matches each year.

One of those who fits the bill is a Cuban-American pitcher. Nestor Cortez Jr. who extended his stay in Bronx it’s January 11th. The lefty will look to have a more consistent 2024 and avoid the problems that plagued him in 2023.

Nestor Cortez Jr. and New York Yankees sign contract extension

Cortez Jr. suffered several injuries last year that kept him off the field. In his third campaign in Major League Baseball With New York Yankees He started just 12 games, winning five and losing two. Despite his good track record, his performance was not the best. (4.97) And in 63.1 serve crossed out 67 Men.

Well, despite this, in accordance with journalist Mark Feinsand Cortez Jr. and the New York Yankees reached a $3.95 million settlement to avoid arbitration. Feinsand himself said last January that Cortez Jr. would win in 2023. $3.2 millionsince under the current contract this amount would exceed this amount by more than 700,000.

Everything seems to indicate that the Yankees are confident in their abilities.Nasty Nestor” next year. The Bombers already know what the Cuban pitcher can do, so they are keeping him. During his Las Mayores career, Cortez Jr. had a record of 24 wins, 11 losses and a strong PCL record. 3.82.

Despite this, he enjoyed his best seasons in a New York Yankees jersey (2021 and 2022). In the latter of those two instances, the left-hander won 12 matches with just three losses and his earned run average was impressive. 2.44. Additionally, in 158.1 innings, he struck out 163 and walked 38.

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