“The next four or five years are going to be very difficult”

José Millán is not a typical astrologer: a systems analyst and graduate in physics, he worked for 27 years at the European Commission, after retiring, he was able to devote himself full time to astrology. He has published the book ‘Astrology for the New World Order’ (Planet), in which he reveals the planetary cycles that will mark the geopolitical course of the years to come.

According to Millen, the transition from the Age of Earth to the Age of Air will cause a brutal and profound transformation that will replace current economic and political systems with the conviction that the collective is far more important than the individual. «The price to be paid depends on us: if we are able to generate that psycho-spiritual transformation, it will be difficult but possible; If we are not able, the price will be very high. May the stars be favorable for us.

-What does astrology say for Sunday?

-Well, nothing extraordinary happens on Sunday because it is Sunday. Yes, it is a day ruled by the Sun, and so it has astrological meaning in the sense that it is a day when you dedicate yourself, take care of yourself, that you stay at home wearing slippers or whatever you like. And this is you. Same.

-And about me? I am a Scorpio man.

-Well, it is better not to be an enemy, it is better not to deceive and it is better to let things be told to you as they are, because you will understand them, no matter how much they want to hide them. You. One has to be very honest with a Scorpio, as they get to the bottom of things and take you on a journey to your core; A very therapeutic and healing journey, but very difficult. Being in a relationship with a Scorpio is no trivial matter.

-Oh! I didn’t think I was that intense.

-You’ll find out, you’ll find out (laughs).

-He has a degree in Physics. Is science not incompatible with astrology?

-No, there is no fight. Modern physics is non-deterministic physics, it is quantum physics. There are physics concepts that defy logic, and astrology is very reflected in modern physics, in chaos theory, in the theory of complex systems… I have never had a problem reconciling both disciplines, on the contrary, a physical Being a scientist it has helped me a lot to assimilate astrological concepts.

-Practice humanitarian astrology. What is that?

-Keep man at the center of astrology, make him responsible. We stop being victims and blaming the universe for what happens to us. Yes, it is true that there is a certain astrological structure and a series of transits that can be difficult, even painful, but that does not mean that you have no responsibility to manage them.

-In his book he reveals the astrological keys that will mark the geopolitical direction. What will happen between Russia and Ukraine?

-The future of Russia is very uncertain: in 2025-2026 there will be a Saturn-Neptune conjunction which is closely linked to everything in Russian history; There is going to be such a collapse from which there is no way out. I hope for a ‘Mad Max’ style future: with the fall of Putin, it’s a country that has no structure because it’s a dictatorship pure and simple, and when these countries fall to keep them up They don’t have any structure. It will eventually fall apart at the hands of the warlords, and that will be very dangerous, and Europe and the entire Western world will have to get involved to prevent it from becoming a tinderbox.

-And with Israel and Palestine?

-It is curious to see how the Christian era begins with Herod’s massacre of children, and ends with another massacre of children, the massacre of Gaza. This is the end of the Age of Pisces, the Age of Christianity. The only stable forecast is something that seems improbable, which is a union of states. Till some time back we were cutting our throats in Europe, but now look. The only future is the European model.

-It states that climate change cannot be reversed. Isn’t this a little destructive?

-No, this is realism pure and simple. The climate is a disaster. They are non-linear processes, meaning they accelerate, and we are experiencing an acceleration. I worked for many years in the Directorate-General for Environment at the European Commission, so I know what I’m talking about. Right now, efforts are aimed at seeing how we adapt to this change rather than reverse it.

-It also talks about the end of capitalism and patriarchy.

-Patriarchy is the brutal concentration of resources in very few hands, and it requires a pyramidal structure, and that structure was created by capitalism. As soon as Pluto enters Aquarius, capitalism will collapse under its own weight. Entering the Air Age is going to be a fundamental change of this society, which is going to be more oriented towards human things and social policies. But the old world of Prithvi era, patriarchy and capital accumulation will not be allowed to end so easily. The next four or five years are going to be very difficult, very stressful.

-These changes will be caused by Millennials.

-They come with knives between their teeth, yes.

-We haven’t made it easy for them either.

-But it is good that they found it very difficult and they are feeling disappointed because we promised them gold and moors and they have got uncertainty and lack of prospects. This is why the ‘millennials’, who will come to power in the next 20 years, are not willing to agree or make small cosmetic changes, but want to abstain. Radical and extremely bloody changes are about to take place.

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