The no-makeup movement is more than just a moment: true A-list pioneers like Pamela Anderson, Millie Bobby Brown, Amanda Seyfried and Alicia Keys have changed our beauty standards forever.

Other women have also chosen to take off the concealing mask of makeup, embracing their natural beauty with confidence and grace. Celebrities like Alicia Keys, Amanda Seyfried and Millie Bobby Brown have joined the no-makeup revolution, showing off their bare faces in public and freeing themselves from the constraints of traditional beauty standards.

Anderson later said that the decision to forgo makeup was an impromptu one, driven by a desire not to overshadow the elegance of the clothes she wore. But the 56-year-old’s candid confession about the sense of freedom and relief she felt without makeup reflects a broader shift in the perception of beauty.

Actress Justine Bateman. Photo: Handout

Jamie Lee Curtis, an outspoken critic of unrealistic beauty standards, celebrated Anderson’s naked appearance, calling it “an act of courage and rebellion.” Others demonstrate similar courage – Isabella Rossellini, Hilarie Burton, Christy Turlington, Justin Bateman, Andie MacDowell and Tracee Ellis Ross have all contributed to the narrative by embracing their authentic selves, be it through unretouched photographs, gray hair or no makeup. -looks.

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In Keys’ case, she decided to ditch makeup back in 2016, protesting society’s expectations. However, the Grammy-winning singer recently opened up about her evolving views on beauty, explaining that her journey to self-acceptance wasn’t just about makeup, or lack thereof, but about understanding how you want to express yourself and setting boundaries. that feel authentic. This led her to venture into the beauty industry with her brand, Keys Soulcare, which focuses on simple beauty treatments.

Alicia Keys often goes without makeup. Photo: Handout

“At the end of the day, the point is that it’s okay for someone to wear or not wear makeup, have fillers or have plastic surgery,” says esthetician and founder of Skin NV Kaysa Marshall. “What’s important is that the agency makes these decisions without external expectations and the understanding that makeup and no makeup can coexist harmoniously.”

Beyond the social and human aspects, this balance also carries with it a profound perspective on skin health. Makeup’s ability to enhance and transform one’s appearance is not without potential consequences. “Prolonged and consistent use of makeup, especially heavy or oil-based products, can have detrimental effects on the skin, especially if it is not removed properly,” says Marshall. “Improper cleansing can cause residue to build up, potentially clogging pores and opening the door to a host of skin problems.”

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Amanda Seyfried and Isabella Rossellini for Lancome. Photo: Handout

When choosing a no-makeup lifestyle, a well-thought-out skin care regimen is essential, as skin care promotes a sense of confidence that goes beyond the need to hide imperfections. The magic lies not in the pursuit of perfection, but in the recognition that flawless skin, devoid of any texture or imperfections, is a fiction. “While there is no such thing as truly clear skin, since some texture is normal, be it pores, wrinkles or other changes to the surface of the skin, following a skin care routine and maintaining consistency can help,” says Body Proud consultant and dermatologist Dr. Marisa Garshick.

Millie Bobby Brown shows her true self. Photo: @milliebobbybrown/Instagram

For those seeking a minimalist approach to beauty rooted in a no-makeup aesthetic, mastering strategic products can be the key to creating a subtle yet sophisticated look. Consider products that act as makeup enhancers rather than traditional makeup, such as Jones Road’s popular Miracle Balms, Ilia’s Super Serum Skin Tints, and Westman Atelier’s highlighters.

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It’s also helpful to give your skin a break from makeup, which can have significant health benefits. “Wearing makeup all the time, especially heavy or long-lasting makeup, can contribute to clogged pores, breakouts, and skin irritation,” says Moya. “Giving up makeup allows you to restore your skin’s natural balance of oils, reducing your risk of developing conditions like acne. But at the end of the day, it’s all about finding a balance between makeup and skin health that makes sense for you.”

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