The Open Day for Economics and Medicine will be held on Saturday 14 May in Rome

The university hospital "Agostino Gemelli" in Rome

The “Agostino Gemelli” University Hospital in Rome – Archive

The spring appointment of the Open Day, the day dedicated to university orientation, will be held on Saturday 14 May from 9.30 at the “Giovanni XXIII” University Center (L. go F. Vito, 1 – 1st floor). The training offer of the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the Catholic University at the Rome office will be presented to aspiring freshmen and their families. Participants will also have the opportunity to try their hand at simulation tests for admission to the Medicine and Surgery degree courses.

The Open Day will begin at 9.30 with the meeting, in the Aula Lazzati, For things to happen it takes a place: the Catholic University introduces itself to the students, initial moment to get to know the University and the opportunities offered to students. Then, in separate appointments for the two Faculties, the educational offer will be presented by the teachers and tutors.

For the Faculty of Economics, at 10 am in the’Classroom 5 the meeting will be held of presentation of the Degree Course in Economics and management of services and at 11 o’clock the meeting will take place How to enroll in the Faculty of Economics.

For the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at 10 am in the Lazzati Hall, will be presented by the teachers degree courses in Pharmacy And Cosmetological Sciences and Technologies and at 10.30 am the Courses of the Health Professions: Biomedical laboratory techniques, Techniques of medical radiology, imaging, and radiotherapy, Dietetics, Obstetrics, Nursing.

Always at 10.30 am in the Aula Bausola ic will be presentedbears of the Health Professions: Dental hygiene, Orthoptics and ophthalmological assistance, Neuro and psychomotor therapy of the developmental age, Speech therapy and Physiotherapy.

At 12 o’clock in Aula Lazzati they will be presented the degree courses in Medicine and Surgery, Medicine and Surgery And Dentistry and dental prosthesis.

For the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery two subsequent meetings will be dedicated on the day of the Open Day, Saturday 14 Mayin Lazzati classroom: at 12.45 the meeting will be held How to enroll in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery followed (only in presence) by simulation of the admission tests to the Faculty’s degree courses.

A meeting dedicated to families

At 1.15 pm in Aula Bausola will be held a meeting dedicated to families by title Parents at the University : an appointment to reflect together with parents and families on how to accompany their children’s university choices and to get to know the University and its services.

The Faculty Desks with tutors and guided tours of the campus

For the whole day ai Faculty Desk, active from 8.30 am, there will be group tutors, graduate students who will tell their experience and will be able to provide also useful advice on all the services of the Roman branch of the Catholic University (financial aid, canteens, boarding schools, book lending, health and counseling services, language courses and international programs and admission procedure),

From 11 to 14 they can be carried out guided visits to the university campus.

The three-year educational offer of the Faculty of Economics on the Rome campus

During the Open Day on May 14th, the cBachelor’s Degree in Economics and Management of services. The course is divided into three curricular profiles identified according to the main career opportunities that characterize this type of degree. The profile in Management for the company offers the student the opportunity to direct their training in the field of business management and management consulting. The profile in Professional Services (in agreement with the Order of Labor Consultants of Rome and with the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Rome) offers students training mainly oriented to the exercise of the freelance profession and to business consultancy. The profile in Health Management allows the student to acquire managerial skills and knowledge to operate within the health sector a sector of the economy that is relevant from an economic and social point of view and with a high rate of technological innovation. At the end of the three-year training course, graduates in Economics and Services Management will be able to: continue the university career in the context of master’s degree courses; work within companies operating in the various sectors of the national and international economy, in the context of the various corporate functions; work as a Labor Consultant, Auditor and Accounting Expert; hold managerial roles in public and non-profit companies operating specifically in the tertiary sector at national and international level, including those in the health sector; hold managerial roles within health policy bodies, authorities and public agencies; hold managerial roles within the wider healthcare sector: healthcare companies and supplier companies.

The three-year and single-cycle master’s courses offered by the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

The educational offer of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery for the academic year 2022/2023 includes four single-cycle master’s degree courses (Medicine and Surgery, Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics, Pharmacy), 11 degree courses of the Health Professions (Nursing, Obstetrics, Physiotherapy, Orthoptics and ophthalmological assistance, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, Neuro and psychomotor therapy of the developmental age, Medical radiology techniques, imaging and radiotherapy, Biomedical laboratory techniques, Dental hygiene, Dietetics), and Bachelor of Science in Cosmetological Sciences and Technologies.

The degree courses of Health care professions they are active, in addition to the Rome office (Agostino Gemelli Irccs University Hospital Foundation), also at conventioned offices in Lazio (Rome, San Martino al Cimino, Rieti), in Basilicata (Potenza, Villa D’Agri), Molise (Campobasso) , Lombardy (Brescia), Piedmont (Turin, Moncrivello), in Trentino Alto Adige (Bolzano).

The single-cycle master’s degree program in Pharmacy

The course is divided into five years, within which the basic teachings ranging from physics to biology, without neglecting the biotechnological, pharmacological, chemical and technical sectors, alongside a strong focus on the Pharmacy of welfare services, a true innovation of the course. The opportunity to approach the study of new drugs and medical and diagnostic devices, which can be evaluated within clinical practice and the possibility of interaction with the medical and health professionals who work at the A. Gemelli Irccs University Hospital constitute a strong added value. of this training course. The lectures are joined by the laboratory teachingthrough which it is possible to apply the notions learned and verify one’s preparation, as well as prepare for entry into the world of work, integrated by various curricular, training and orientation internship activities. The main objective of the Course it is the training of a professional who becomes a fundamental element of connection between patient, doctor and healthcare structures. After graduation, students will be able to operate as head of medical and surgical aids, scientific informant, consultant in choosing the correct drug or in pharmacovigilance.

For more information you can consult the institutional website dedicated to high school students: and contact the Orientation Service of the Rome branch of the Catholic University:

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