The ophthalmologist who set his eyes on international education

The development of ophthalmology in Puerto Rico was led by physician Guillermo Picó. Today, the island still sees the reflection of everything this ophthalmologist achieved.

Dr. Guillermo Picó received an honorary recognition in the Medicine Hall of Fame. This was a prominent Puerto Rican in ophthalmology. Photomontage: Journal of Medicine and Public Health.

During the press conference held by the Medicine Hall of Fame, the Puerto Rican and colleague Reynold Lopez was in charge of presenting a large part of the biography of the doctor and ophthalmologist William Pico Santiago.

The first years of study William Pico He dedicated his life to learning about medicine, until in 1940 he graduated as a doctor from the University of Maryland. These years of service took him to the Fanguito community, as a member of the Department of Health, to understand and study the causes of diseases such as malaria and typhoid, which at that time were already wreaking havoc on the health of Puerto Ricans. .

teacher times

Around the time of 1948, Dr. William Pico was established as Chief of Ophthalmology of the Department of Surgery of the School of Medicine of the University of Puerto Rico. In addition to being Chief, he was also a teacher of ophthalmology.

Being a professor, he had the opportunity to train great ophthalmologists who he encouraged to go to the United States to specialize. So he sent several to specialize in ophthalmology pediatric, retina, strabismus, neurophthalmology.

One of these emeritus students was the ophthalmologist López de Vicario, who performed the first lens implant with a patient with cataracts in his eyes.

international education

The education imparted by the ophthalmologist and professor Picó, transcended, giving a boost in investigative quality and practical training of the students of Puerto Rico. In 1964, he created the basic course for Latin American physicians, which was promoted with resources donated from the National Institutes of Health.

Today, this course is still being taught for students. In addition to having professors and residents from various parts of the world, this course is named after the doctor and ophthalmologist William Pico.

Research and legacy of life

The doctor William Pico All his life as a specialist he was investigating and documenting all the progress at the ophthalmological level of which he was a witness and author of many of the advances. Thus, he wrote and published more than 50 articles specialized in ophthalmology.

In addition, at this time the doctor was President of the Medical Association of Puerto Rico, and Vice President of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. This example served for him to leave a family legacy, thus leaving his son, his son-in-law and his grandson with an interest and service for the ophthalmology.

Emeritus Distinction

For the time he dedicated to studying and transmitting knowledge, the ophthalmologist William Picoobtained the distinction granted by the University of Puerto Rico as Professor Emeritus.

Remembering all his legacy, the course of ophthalmology that bears his name, every year at the Medical Sciences Campus, as well as the master conference of the annual conventions of the Puerto Rican Society of Ophthalmology which also bears his name.

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