The outbreak at Casa Dani now totals 59 affected, with six hospital admissions and one patient in the ICU

The food poisoning that affects the Casa Dani restaurant in Madrid, renowned for its iconic potato tortillas, has already caused more than 59 affected people to request health care, including six people who have required hospital admission. The number is rising because on Tuesday those affected were 44.

This famous traditional food house with 32 years of history has kept the store it has in the Mercado de La Paz and the terrace located at number 49 Calle Lagasta closed since Friday, after learning of several people who could have suffered a food poisoning.

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Since then and until this Wednesday, there has been evidence of 59 people affected. Of them, 36 have requested health care and six have required hospital admission, as confirmed to Europa Press by sources from the Ministry of Health.

A patient in the ICU

One of them remains admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital due to worsening symptoms, although he is stable.

The Community of Madrid became aware of the possible outbreak on the afternoon of Thursday, January 26, and the City Council was immediately activated to appear at the premises. The samples have confirmed the presence of salmonella bacteria, the cause of salmonellosis and mainly associated with the use of eggs, such as omelettes and mayonnaise.

Sells more than 100,000 tortillas a year

Opened in 1991 by Daniel GarcĂ­a and Dolores Cuerda, this traditional food house with the option of ‘delivery’ is known for its famous potato omelette, winner of several regional and national awards and with sales of more than 100,000 units per year. .

However, the final results of the inspection of the premises still remain. Thus, it is about determining if the origin of food poisoning is in any of the products used or is related to the food handling process.

In any case, from this family business they have made an email available to those affected to respond individually to each of them ([email protected]).

And the OCU issued a statement yesterday saying that in case of poisoning of this type, the establishment is forced to pay compensation.

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