“The Outrun”: first look, cast, plot, release date

It’s been a minute since Anglophiles heard anything about Outranfilm based on the bestselling memoir of the same name Amy Liptrot, but the Oscar bait film will finally get its first release date at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival. The project was originally announced in January 2022, as awards season was gearing up for its first in-person year. German screenwriter/director Nora Fingscheidt (Unforgivable) was appointed project director and co-author of the adapted screenplay along with Liptrot. Saoirse Ronan it was announced that he would star in Liptrot’s feature version and serve as executive producer, with plans to shoot the film this summer.

After that, the film practically disappeared, only a few notes remained here and there indicating that production studios had chosen it and who would receive international distribution rights. So the film’s sudden appearance on the Sundance slate in late 2023 was a bit of a surprise, although not an unwelcome one. What’s more, as a film gears up to win top awards, a Sundance debut is a tried and true method to gain momentum, even if it’s not currently production studios’ favorite way to get the most bang for their buck. (This will mean an appearance at the Venice Film Festival, followed by the Toronto Film Festival, and then the film opening in American theaters around Thanksgiving.)

But given the subject matter, the addiction, the return home and the struggle to hit rock bottom, a long break will probably be enough. Outran the greatest favors, well, in the long run.

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