The photo of Miley Cyrus “imitating” the controversial gesture of Dibu Martínez that went viral on networks

Since the Argentine team won the World Cup in Qatar 2022, Argentines seem to tire of the images and videos that remind them of the unforgettable World Cup feat.

In the last hours, a very particular photo went viral, in which you can see it Miley Cyrus “imitating” the same and controversial gesture that Emiliano Dibu Martínez made when he received the “Golden Glove” for the best goalkeeper of the tournament. In Miley’s case, instead of a trophy, she’s holding a bouquet of flowers.

Of course, the networks exploded with this amazing similarity and many thought that the artist copied the goalkeeper of La Scaloneta. But the truth is otherwise.

Miley Cyrus and Emiliano Dibu Martínez made a very similar gesture at some point in their lives and the similarity came to light these days. Photo: Twitter / @porquetenden

The heroic goalkeeper of the Argentine team could not, in full joy, with his provocative and spicy spirit on December 18 when, after the albiceleste consecration in Qatar, he received the award as the best goalkeeper of the cup.

Thus, as soon as he received the award in the shape of a golden glove, as a celebration, Dibu looked towards the rostrum, leaned his waist forward and leaned the award on his crotch. A gesture that stunned the Qatari Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Than, present at the award ceremony, that he could hardly believe his eyes.

The resemblance between the photo of Miley Cyrus and that of Dibu Martínez caught the attention of Internet users and became a trend on Twitter. Photo: Twitter / @porquetendencia

Well, these days, someone, on social networks, rescued from the archive an image of the American singer and actress Miley Cirus in which the young woman is, with a bouquet of flowers, making exactly the same gesture that the doorman made. Argentinian. And the similarity of attitudes went viral and was widely commented on social networks. Especially on Twitter, where users ended up turning the unique name into a trend: “Miley Martínez”.

Many rescued the image of the former star of Hanna Montana and made humorous comments, such as: “Miley Cyrus must go to the same psychologist as Dibu Martínez.” Others put the singer’s irreverent photo next to Dibu’s in the same attitude and wrote: “Miley, world champion.”

Miley Cyrus made an irreverent gesture similar to that of Dibu Martínez on her wedding day to Liam Hemworth, on December 23, 2018. Photo: Miley Cyrus

The truth about the photo of Miley Cyrus

Strictly speaking, although in principle it could be said that the singer is “imitating” the goalkeeper of the world champion squad, the truth is that the photo of the Plastic Hearts interpreter is older than that of Dibu. It can be seen from a series of details that the artist’s postcard is a few years old. More precisely, a little more than four.

It is that the photo corresponds to the wedding day of Miley Cyrus with the actor Liam Hemsworth, taken on December 23, 2018. If you look closely at the photo, the singer has her wedding dress and what she uses to take to her lower areas to “imitate” the gesture, the Dibu one is a bridal bouquet of flowers.

The daring spirit of the young “We Can’t Stop” singer didn’t end with that photo. According to the collection of images of the wedding party shared by the American magazine People, the ex-girl from Disney also joked by putting the bouquet on her head and, finally, putting it in her mouth, as if it were a cigar.

Despite the banter and playful spirit at Miley and Liam’s wedding celebration, the marriage broke up just 8 months after that night. And all those photos were deleted from the Instagram of both parties.

So, in Miley’s case, the artist’s gesture with the bouquet did not herald a lifelong relationship. A difference with the Argentine goalkeeper, to whom this “Golden Glove”, as well as the honor that he represents, will accompany him throughout his existence. Because the kiss of glory lasts forever.


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