The physical version of ArcRunner will be available on PS5 and will be released in April.

If you like very challenging action games, you should definitely try ArcRunner.

The physical version of ArcRunner will be available on PS5 and will be released in April.
ArcRunner has an online co-op mode for 3 players.

Meridiem Games announced at X What A special physical edition of ArcRunner will be available for PS5 on April 18th.. This is a cyberpunk action roguelike set in the distant future. This game was released on PC in April 2023 and player reviews are very positive, at least on Steam.

ArcRunner is a game that stands out for its graphics and strategic gameplay depth. It is worth noting that the physical edition will include the full game along with some additional elements.

What do we know about the contents of the physical edition?

What sets ArcRunner apart is its interplay between real-time strategy and role-playing game elements, allowing players to design their combat strategy while managing their character’s skills and actions in real time. And speaking of character, There are three classes available: soldier, ninja and hacker.. Everyone has their own play style and their own weapons or abilities.

ArcRunner’s graphics section doesn’t go unnoticed, with scenarios with a good level of detail. The promised performance for PS5 includes graphical experience at 60fps and native 4K resolution.

Coming back to the topic of the physical edition, Meridiem Games stated that it will come with exclusive benefits that will enrich the gaming experience. Although these benefits have not yet been specified, It is expected to include character customization aspects and additional benefits that enhance combat strategy.. As for the official price, it has not yet been announced, but it is expected to be in line with recent launches of similar games.

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