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Hugo Cerezo

Training at the beginning of the week in the sports city of Seville. One of the team’s newcomers in one of his first performances he hangs up and starts laughing. The scene was almost flawless. Some veterans looked at each other and then commented. “We’re here for the bullshit.” The action does not go beyond the scope of an anecdote, but sometimes these situations are depicted better than the most thoughtful analysis.

Those who signed up, all young and foreign, will little by little understand where they find themselves: in a club in a constant storm, in which the club and team move gasping for breath, is exactly the place where it is best for a newbie not to hang up and try to make a joke, because Even the bun doesn’t fit in the oven.

There will be those who will see the opposite situation, that the locker room and the team need exactly what they need – arrogance and carelessness, Players who are not entirely aware of the backpack that the white Seville team is currently carrying, that they are playing without paying attention to the atmosphere of tension. It’s not the feeling of heavyweights in the locker room. In any case, the economic situation is what it is and Victor Horta’s margins are minimal, so for now the reinforcements include twenty-somethings and foreigners, which is more of a medium-term bet than a short-term bet.. Hannibal Mejbri (21 years old) and Lucien Agume (21 years old), as well as Stanis Idumbo Muzambo (18 years old) and Mateo Mejia (20 years old), both have records in the reserve team, joined by Isaac Romero (23 years old), who knows where he is because he is a young player and is already producing results with his cup-winning double.

Week in nerve That was mitigated by a brilliant run to the quarter-finals following victory in Getafe on Tuesday, but in La Liga, where they face a day one point above relegation and away to leaders, Girona, in Montilivi. And on Thursday, Metropolitano risks its life in the Cup.

Nacho’s plan

There are those who continue to call him “kapi” since he joined the main championship team. real Madridin the score 12-13, one leg with Mourinho and others in Castilla, when he still had acne and wore number 27. Because he was always in the youth team and carried it with him all his life. Until this season 12th in Real Madrid, the eldest of the Fernandez, 33 candles just lit, finally wears a bracelet. captain of the club of his life.

This is a long way behind Nacho’s promotion to the first team after moving to the second team with Castilla. The Club and the Memorandum decided that He and Morata teamed up with the reserve team of the then Liga Adelante. Cooking season, but a very difficult one for him, in the middle of the crossfire between Mourinho and Toril, because the Portuguese wanted him to play as a striker, and in the reserve team he played as a central defender.. Past experience for those who now, in addition to the defeat in the derby, having opened the plane a little, live happily his best moment as a Madrid player.

If the decision whether or not to continue last season was delayed until June, it doesn’t look like we’ll have to wait that long this season. Being captain is an added weight that allows him to extend his, shall we say, legendary career at Real Madrid for another year.. Nacho himself confirmed that he has a contract that can be automatically renewed whenever he wants. Although he course of action has always been to sit down with the club after each season and mutually assess their future, the course of the course is on a path that Nacho will be around until at least 2025.

It is already known that contract extensions in Madrid when a player is over thirty occur year after year, but Nacho is in his hands to become the player with the most titles in the history of the club, which is an important milestone that links him with footballers of significant weight. Gento, whom he had already surpassed (24 for the captain, 23 for Don Paco). He’s linked to Modric whose future does not look white after 2024, already one of Marcelo and Benzema. The bills are simple. Madrid must be feeling bad Nacho did not overcome this barrier in a season and a half.

Retirement is still a long way off. Players are increasingly extending their careers because the supply of profiles like theirs has increased dramatically in recent years. both to the west with MLS and to the east in the Middle East. But if Nacho decides to end his career in Madrid, it will be one club man untouched, from a white fry, a case similar to Sanchis. And then? He has already received three coaching levels without last year’s practice. It’s too early to say whether he will be a coach, but not to say what that will mean great hope to retire at the same time as Madrid’s number six and automatically join the club discipline. The family factor with four children and his investments, including a cattle ranch with bullfighter Alejandro Talavante, also play in favor of not moving from the capital.

Hugo Cerezo

Hugo Cerezo is deputy editorial director. He was born in Leon in 1983 and always wanted to become a sports journalist, since in 1992 he broadcast his Super Nintendo games or wrote articles.

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