The player died in the fire and his girlfriend was arrested; The reason?

The player died in a fire at his home and his girlfriend is the prime suspect after his tragic death in France.

The sports world is shocked by the death of a player due to burning in a fire in France.

In that country they reported terrible news and that the prime suspect in what was initially considered a tragedy had also been arrested.

French media detailed what happened to the player in late December and why they named his girlfriend as the main suspect.

This is Benjamin Arnoune, a rugby player who lost his life in a fire in his home, but as time passed, suspicion began to arise over his death.

And the 33-year-old athlete died horrifically in Lespon (Hautes-Pyrenees) and on Thursday morning the police arrested the athlete’s partner.

Firefighters arrived at the scene and found a gun as they brought the fire under control. Similarly, traces of blood were also found and pending the results of the highway it is expected that the player was shot before bursting into flames.

Why is he suspicious of his girlfriend? When the fire broke out, the player’s family and friends had no trace of the girl. Moreover, according to eyewitnesses, the 35-year-old woman also had psychological problems.

A witness revealed that he had seen her hiking in the area while the fire was still burning and her cell phone was later found at the epicenter of the tragedy.

Tatiana, the name of the player’s girlfriend, was found in the town where she grew up after going on the run for several days and even fleeing when a group of people recognized her near her parents’ house. Came out.

Suspicion fell on Benjamin Arnoune’s partner when he committed these acts after a fire in their house and, as the newspaper La Depeche revealed, some witnesses close to the family confirmed that they were about to separate.

So, everything points to Tatiana as the prime suspect and the 35-year-old woman was arrested.

A friend of the couple confessed, “When we learned on Saturday morning that a house in Lespon was on fire, we immediately thought about it and tried to contact him, but he did not respond.”

And he added: “We have not heard any news since then. We were supposed to meet many friends on January 1, but they also did not come.”

Tatiana has been arrested and is awaiting testimony to clarify what happened to the fire that killed rugby player Benjamin Arnoune.

The news caused an uproar and the French and even Argentine media repeated the terrible news of the player’s death.

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