The playlist of the new best songs of the week

On TIMMUSIC Coez, Mengoni, Ed Sheeran with Elton John, Ariana Grande and …

It was a rich week from a musical point of view, in which the releases of many songs, Italian and international.

There are the new albums by Marco Mengoni and Coez, but also the Christmas singles by Elton John and Ed Sheeran, Elettra Lamborghini and Il Pagante. Not to mention the long-awaited return of Cesare Cremonini. there the playlist of all the news of the last days.


Matter (Earth) is the beginning of the musical project Matter, a journey in three albums to show the three different but complementary souls that unite the musical origins of Mengoni, his sound research and his attention to contemporaneity. Three albums that, in three different sound worlds, represent and tell his musical uniqueness, through the story of what is important to him.

The first of these three discs has just landed on TIMMUSIC. Contains 11 songs, including the single Change a man and two feat: As little as possible with Gazzelle and I will trust you with Madame. A played album, in which the instruments become protagonists, which tells a musical research that starts from its first listenings, in a sound experimentation that transforms them into contemporaneity. R&B, gospel and funk are his land, Earth is birth, evolution, movement.

Also Coez is back with a new project: it is To fly, with 13 new unfiltered tracks, to speak to everyone in his personal and emotional being. The rapper accompanies the listener on a journey made up of images of everyday life, urban landscapes, subways, sidewalks, neighborhoods, references to pop culture, but also of skies, horizons to look at from balconies, clouds made of dreams, memories and melancholy.

Cesare Cremonini enchants with the flight of his Hummingbird, single with which the Bolognese singer-songwriter anticipates the next unreleased album (The girl of the future, out February 25). The image of the hummingbird, which in many cultures represents love for life, courage and perseverance, accompanies the voice of Caesar in the song, creating verses that describe a girl, a symbol of virginity and rediscovered purity, who reaches a metropolis of the present driven by its flight. “I interpret the feeling that sees us all waiting for something, for a stroke of luck”, explained Cremonini.

Two of the most important artists in the world, Ed Sheeran and Elton John, they have instead published a Christmas song for charity entitled Merry Christmas, accompanied by a beautiful video directed by Jason Koening. The single has everything a Christmas song must have: bells, festive harmonies, joyful arrangements.

Christmas atmosphere even at home Lamborghini: Elettra pulls another gem out of her hat, this time to make us spend some fun and carefree parties. His At midnight it is in fact a pop-dance comet full of rhythm and heart. A sparkling and uptempo invitation to genuine enthusiasm and to indulge in feelings, from the purest and most romantic to the most fiery and driven.

The new hit de was also explosive The Payer, which this time they are accompanied by Lorella Cuccarini on the notes of A package for you. Just Look Up it is instead the single of Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi which is part of the soundtrack of the movie “Don’t Look Up”. The two artists are also present in the film, in the roles of Riley Bina and DJ Chello, a powerful pop music duo.

The TIMMUSIC playlist continues with the latest efforts by Matteo Romano (Heads and tails, competing in the youth section of the Sanremo Festival), The devil’s tail from Rkomi with the gorgeous Elodie, Berlusconi from 2nd Roof (feat Jake La Furia, Nitro e Speranza), e It’ll be ok of the Canadian star Shawn Mendes.


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