The popular dark fantasy RPG Dark and Darker is coming to mobile phones this year.

Despite all the legal issues its developers are facing, Dark and Darker could be one of the biggest mobile games of 2024.

The popular dark fantasy RPG Dark and Darker is coming to mobile phones this year.
Dark and Darker will arrive on mobile phones in 2024

The game we are talking about here in this post requires months of testing because Nexon reported them for the supposed”violation of trade secrets and copyrights“that’s why it’s had to leave steam, just when the game began its journey, passing several tests before the unsuccessful premiere, and quite successfully. Fortunately for them, it seems that the legal battle is smiling on them and Dark and Darker is getting closer to returning to Steam. In fact, it can still only be played through the launcher on PC.

Speaking of the platforms that Dark and Darker can be played on now, it seems that This year we will be able to make it available on mobile devices.At least that’s what KRAFTON says and Pocket Gamer reports. A massively multiplayer dungeon crawler RPG developed by IRON MACEhas recently been one of the games that has received updates from time to time from KRAFTON, who are also working on other projects such as the next Subnautica installment.

Dark and Darker will have a mobile version this year

Speaking about “Dark and Dark”, KRAFTON’s CEO had this to say: “This year marks the launch of our new line, starting with Dark and Darker Mobile., and this will be the first year that we see tangible results from our Expanding Creativity strategy. To turn this process into a virtuous circle, all participants must devote all their efforts to the development of the game.”

At the moment it is obvious There isn’t even an estimated release date or window. for this mobile version of Dark and Darker, so we also cannot comment on further details of this offer. As we say, the game cannot currently be played from Steam, but You can always get it from the official website.where they describe the game as: “Ruthless An intense fantasy PvPvE dungeon crawling FPS adventure. Join your friends and use your courage, wit and cunning to find mythical treasures, defeat frightening monsters and stay one step ahead of other wily treasure hunters.”

In conclusion, it’s worth talking a little about what happened first victory for developers Dark and Darker in litigation against Nexonwhich takes place in South Korea, where the courts a preliminary decision has been madeso this is not a final solution, the following: “IRONMACE does not violate Nexon’s copyrights or trade secrets.“. Therefore, whereas, in the opinion of the court, “the charges and evidence were insufficient to stop the Dark and Darker service,” This is great news for those in charge and for the future of the it brings its return to Steam closer.

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