The Porsche 911 is painted in the colors of Final Fantasy VII.

IN fictional universeresidents of a gloomy and suffocating industrial city Midgar They live as best they can while sinister and megalomaniacs Shinra Corporation extracts the very energy of the planet, Mako, in an act of greed that will sooner or later lead to the end of the world. To avoid this fatal fate, rebel group “Avalanche” penetrates into the very heart of Midgar. Three people quietly exit the train. The last one young mercenary He stands out for his blond hair with a beak and a sword that is almost larger than himself. His name is Cloud Strife.

That’s how it all started in 1997. Final Fantasy VIIa video game that became one of the most important games of the first Sony PlayStation.and an RPG reference placed on the world map games to its creators, the Japanese studio Squaresoft.

Final Fantasy VII: Porsche 911 RebornPinterest

Square Enix

Now, on the occasion of the recent release of its remastering entitled Final Fantasy VII: RebirthThe current Square Enix has found a partnership with Porsche to promote it with a disruptive campaign, part of which is the personalized 911 service you can see in the images.

Thoughts while driving

Showcasing a colorful design that does a good job of conveying the vast variety of skies and landscapes that can be seen in Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, This 911 belongs to the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles. (USA), which is offered to customers and enthusiasts of the brand so that they can experience first-hand the sensations of sporty driving on the track.

Final Fantasy VII: Porsche 911 RebornPinterest

Square Enix

On the occasion of this special collaboration, several voice actors who voiced the characters in the game I had the honor of debuting this amazing new 911 on the track on this exciting day.

In parallel, Porsche and Square Enix shot a short film in Japan called Dreams while drivingwhich can be viewed on YouTube and where Tetsuya Nomura, Alma mater The creators of the saga, producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Naoki Hamaguchi, take the helm of the 1997 911 Carrera and the current 911. while walking around the city to think about how Final Fantasy VII In their minds, it evolved from a dream into the historical video game it is today.

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