The possibility of suspending the match between Real Zaragoza and Andorra is being considered.

There is a serious risk of disqualification due to snow in the Real Zaragoza – Andorra match.The 23rd round of the second division league, scheduled for 20:30 this Friday in La Romareda.

The heavy snowfall that hit the capital of Aragon from about 14:00 accumulated several centimeters of snow on the grass of the municipal stadium and, in addition, According to the weather forecast, snowfall will begin to subside until approximately 10:00 p.m.

Responsible for La Liga, the refereeing body, accompanied by the directors and executives of the Zaragoza club, They were at the stadium shortly before 4:30 p.m.. It was not possible to photograph it, although the HERALDO editor had the opportunity to observe the state of the playing field: it is completely white and covered with well-stayed snow.

The match referee, as well as his VAR assistants from Las Rozas, participate in the decision making. To draw an offside line, it is necessary to have clear references to the offside lines.. This is one aspect that is taken into account. In addition, the opinion of the broadcaster is taken into account, since this is the most prominent match of the day on pay television.

A test was carried out to clear the snow using shovels and drag elements to see if in the next two hours it could be cleared from the edges of the field and lines marked out so that play could be played.

The circumstances, in any case, They are extreme due to the scale of the snowfall and the continuity of the meteorite fall over the next few hours.. Therefore, one of the options being considered is to pause the game.

If this were the final decision, we are also considering various options for changing it in the game plan for the 23rd round. . So Pushing the game back 24 hours and moving it to Saturday is a possibility. because in this way Andorra FC will not have to make a double trip to Zaragoza.

Real Zaragoza remains silent for now. As soon as possible, we want to make public and officially pronounce the verdict of those who are wondering what is better in the face of this snowfall in La Romareda: whether to play in emergency conditions or postpone the duel for one day.

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