The poster of a student from the UdL Faculty of Medicine offering a reward for finding a ring has gone viral

Between posters looking for flatmates or offering jobs, small pearls like the one that has gone viral by the Twitter user sometimes appear on the notice boards @lopaudebalaguer. The photo you have shared corresponds to a curious poster that is hanging at the University of Lleida and that announces the loss of a very special ring. The wording of the text is as striking as the nature of the lost object, an unconventional jewel.

“I lost this ring on Friday, January 13 (ironic date) while I was going to study like a good Samaritan at medical school. It belongs to my mother and my grandparents gave it to her, so if she finds out that I have lost it, I will lose my life, ”she begins. And it is that it is a unique ring: “It is engraved on the inside with a date of 1900 and it is made with cast molars from my godmother. If anyone finds it, PLEASE tell me on Instagram (I’m afraid to give my number)”.

Finally, the young woman explains the rewards she is willing to give to whoever returns the ring: “A hug, a coffee, a job at the uni, I’ll breed my hamster and give you a baby, a Casio watch (better than a Rolex). Whatever. I am very sad) ”, she confesses while she adds:“ Thank you very much and happy January to whoever has it ”.

The post has already received almost 400 retweets, most of whom wish for the jewel’s speedy recovery or sympathize with its loss.

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