The president of FC Olancho confirms that he wants to sign two players from Olimpia: “We spoke with Rafa Villeda”


Olancho FC continues pre-season work before his debut in the tournament Tournament Clausura 2024 against Diego Vazquez’s Motagua at the National Stadium.

To set Foals Coach Humberto Rivera is back, the same one who led this team to the grand final of Apertura 2023.

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Team Olancho FC wants to compete for the title in 2024 and is strengthening himself in the best possible way for this. Federico Sellejia (Argentine), Lucas Campana (Argentine), Angel Dominguez and Julián Martinez are those who have been confirmed so far.

Now he will be joined by Argentinean Brian Visser, who left Vida de la Ceiba. He Potros President, Samuel Garciareferred to the topic.

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“The contractor sent me documentation where Visser was separated from the Vida team, he did not sign with us, but this Sunday it will arrive at the department Olancho“said the chief president Olancho FC in applications for the Brujula Deportiva program.

Except, Samuel Garcia also reported that they are interested in signing two players from Olympianear Jose Garcia and Juan Pablo Montes both defenders.

“This is part of the negotiations that we are having, but until Professor Trollo provides a list of those he is going to provide or outside the team, we respect this space,” he began by saying.

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And he added: “We spoke with President Rafael Villeda, he advised us to calm down a little and see what can be done, because we are interested in these two players.”

Regarding rumors that Olancho FC interested in Alex Lopez, Samuel Garcia was quick to respond. “In Costa Rica, I spoke with him, we are negotiating.”

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Victims Foals for him Tournament Clausura 2024 They are Pablo Soda (Argentine), Rodrigo Faust (Argentine), Azmahar Ariano (Panamanian), Christian Calix and Danilo Tobias.

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